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Who Commutes on Beach Rd?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by manol, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. This thread thread should probably be entitled the 'BEACH RD APPRECIATION THREAD'.

    I commute to Southbank/South Yarra/Northern Suburbs every other day via Beach Rd from Mentone...

    It's such an easy ride compared to Nepean Hwy and really when you factor in all the trucks/cars/traffic lights of the Nepean it doesn't take much longer than going via Nepean Hwy...

    Who else rides on Beach Rd?
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  2. Everyday from Beaumaris to Port Melbourne, it is always a nice ride along the beach to start the day at work.
  3. I do as well. I go from Albert Park area down to Braeside every afternoon and back around midnight. In the afternoons I find beach road is not much slower but a much easier ride. It was especially useful when I was first starting out and 4 lanes of moderately heavy traffic seemed pretty intimidating.
  4. I used to use it everyday when I was learning on my VTR250 but I switched to Nepean for last few months with new bike as bit quicker.....

    However recently I have been recently moving back towards more regular Beach Road commutes - don't think you can beat for starting or ending the day.

    Although we are coming into summer which means every crossing will be stopping as more folks start to enjoy the beach - it used to drive me nuts when i rode push bike from Aspendale to South Melbourne having that rhythm broken but on the moto not such as issue
  5. I use it a lot but coming into summer have your wits about you. With cars parked on both sides cars make a Hail Mary right hand turn out of the side streets.
    Pedestrians also appear in an instant from between parked cars
  6. Almost every day from Sandringham to the city. Far superior to the Nepean. Morning peak grinds to heavy lane filtering at Elwood but otherwise very smooth. At its best in the evening when it's possible with luck to string several uninterrupted ks together, but summer means more pedestrian light stoppages.
    Have also done it the other way down to Mordialloc before going inland. Now that is a decent commute. I completely get the op riding from Mentone adds some open sections.
  7. When I worked in Port Melb, I used to take the Nepean to Elsternwick, then cut down to Beach rd. If I wasn't in any rush, I'd go all the way from Mordiallock, and enjoy the ride.

    There are a lot of cops on that road though, so you need to watch your speed closely.
  8. I often ride South Road and then Beach road, on to the esplanade and through to Bay Road on my daily commute to West Footscray and back. Some Bikes I often see are a black v-rod, a black BMW G650GS, a Red VFR. Lately there are a few scooters out as well. It's a pretty good commute. The worst thing that has happened to me in the last 7 years is being spat at by someone in a black range rover, but no damage. Also got yelled at by a pushbike rider who thought I had come too close to him. Otherwise no dramas. Going over the Westgate shows what a problem traffic is for those coming from West to East.
  9. The G650GS might be me...I haven't seen another one around these parts...
  10. I take Beach Road from the Mordialloc roundabout to CBD via Elwood / St Kilda most days on the Husky.

    The trick to missing the traffic leading up to St Kilda St is to take a right across the train line at New St and follow it through to Elsternwick Park then back-streets to Barkley St and across Albert Park. It may or may not be quicker, but it's certainly less traffic and the tight back-streets are fun as on the motard.
  11. I may give that alternative a go, sounds like a great idea.

    I also found that there is less truck traffic, so less oil and diesel to worry about on Beach Road when it rains. The black tar snakes are a worry in the wet though.
  12. How do you cope with the fleets* of MAMIL's all over the road....? ;-)

    *unsure of correct collective noun...
  13. There's only really tar snakes in one place and they're in the right-hand lane northbound heading up towards one of the pedestrian crossings. They're easy to avoid. The other place to watch out for is right-hander southbound past the petrol station where the road is pretty bad in the left-hand lane.

    In the car they make me want to attach a cow-catcher to the front of the vehicle and go berzerk Zombieland style. On the bike they can be used to your advantage - When the cars merge right to go past them you can generally shoot between the bikes and the cars in the left lane.

    That said, some f...wit on a pushbike clipped the right side of my bike lane splitting the middle down St Kilda St a few weeks ago. I failed to check behind me. He was traveling way too quickly. We were both doing something illegal, so... No love lost either way, I guess.
  14. Hi Manol,

    Might be. I'll try to start a conversation with the rider the next time we meet, although I struggle to keep up with him between the cars along Beconsfield Pde. The GS has high mirrors and is skinny. Just what you need.
  15. In the last few weeks the inbound side of Marine parade from Glenhuntly road in Elwood has been reduced from three lanes to two lanes plus a bicycle lane right up to Luna Park. This caused a lot of traffic congestion at first, but is seems to have improved lately. Only a few pushy riders using it, and I don't know where all the extra cars went. I wonder who works out that reducing one lane to allow for more pushy riders at the expense of cars at peak hour is a good thing?