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Who caused your first bike stack on the road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ajl, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. I had my first ever accident not long ago (see below) excluding a thumb size dint on my dads car at a track day 5 years or more ago, and it made me wonder what caused peoples first road accident on their bike and how many have they had since?

    As for the details they are below but it may disturb some people. i'm pretty stoked to be breathing and functioning but missing riding beyond belief and my bike heaps R.I.P. my first iron horse, steed of my life.

    Just over three weeks ago after a coffee night i was going home to watch house and life before leaving for the GP to flag for the next four days when i saw a car coming from left field quicker than i thought they should be towards a semi blind intersection (them approaching a stop sign).

    On the brakes as hard as i could trying to pull up before the intersection as the car appeared in front of me, aiming my bike for the left side of the road thinking please move the f*#k out of the way i realised i was screwed.

    at this point i closed my eyes (less than 5 m away at 60 - 80 k) to minamise the damage as if u don't know when the impact is it does't do as much damage (possibly).

    with the arse end stepped out sliding the bike i heard the crunching of the forks and faring into the side of the car then TKO

    next i'm waking up on the side of the road check hands and toes, try to rise bad move due to pain and being held still by some smart people, got them to call my wife (bad move as she had to wait 40 min for a call from the cops telling her where i was off to)

    turns out i've nearly ripped my leg off at the knee as i've landed and need a full reco, but looking at the helmet and rest of the gear i head butted the car and landed on my upper back at some point crushing my back protector

    so + infinity to good gear, - heaps to silly people who speed through blind intersections and stop signs.

    things of interest, ambulance ladys are beautiful when your knackered no matter what. balls get sore during bike stacks and according to the alfred trauma ward occasionally ripped off (sorry guys but its been building up on me) alfred staff are awesome, morphine makes me seedy, snapping ligaments hurt more than mashed nuts, lacerated spleens, and bruised lungs.

    I'll live, look forward to riding again in about 3 - 6 months and at present am just sitting around jealous of every bike i hear riding past my place so for those who don't mind sharing what got u?
  2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Crash ... all my fault. No point blaming anything else. I like to learn from my mistakes and try my improve my riding in any shape or form.
  3. Me & my inexperience!, too hot into a right angled corner on a really bad line, rear end onto the grass verge while trying to get back on line & plop!

    No real damage to either me or my bike, rode home a lot wiser than when I left!
  4. Hey Ant - I'm really sorry to hear about your accident and injuries. Does not sound very nice at all, but here's hoping that everything heals up all good and proper and you're back out and about again soon.
  5. Glad to know you're okay mate - hope you're back on 2 wheels in no time.

    A little note of curiosity, I've heard that when in an accident, let the body go limp and not resist the forces. I'm assuming such advice is most appropriate for low/high sides or such accidents.

    Any idea on what is the best course of action when one is about to hit a car - i.e. a perpendicular accident of the type you described? Do you feel that you could've practically done anything at the moment you closed your eyes to lessen the damage incurred?

    I know that one usually has no time to do anything when faced with such an accident. Its just that I'd hate a knee reconstruction if i can work out a way to avoid it... maybe those heavy duty knee guards that restrict movement to certain angles only?
  6. Glad to hear that you're alive, healing and that your nuts are still attached. :shock:

    My first stack was the result of overconfidence, stupidity and incredibly little riding experience (tried to make a right turn without braking). :eek:
  7. My 2 stacks- 1st one at 18 - too hot into a corner and froze instead of trying to stop! broken toes and thumb. 32 - tapped arse of car as i was not looking ahead or paying attention . On my way to important job interview ( never got the job) and was so not focussed on riding. bruised ego and flattened head stem bearings . :oops: Lets say that now i can brake on a 10 cent piece.!
  8. Ive been ridding for nearly 12 months, and I have had 4 moments.
    2 my fault 2 cagers fault, i hope i learn from each.
    Not sure how i would handle those horific injuries you sustained.

    Wanting to upgrade, but scares the hell out of me.
  9. Um lets see :LOL:

    Um me ................ me ............. me ............. HQ Holden........... Road surface [ gravel on apex ].......... um and the last one most definatly .. me with NR witnesses :LOL: :oops:

    Thats all the ones that have needed an ambulance or hosp stay / treatment :LOL:

    Lets not even go onto the driveway drops etc :cry:

    Oh and this is over 26years of road riding though :)
  10. Me.

    There were compounding issues to be sure, and I could blame any of them or just the main one, but the reality is none of them should have caused me to stack if I was getting things right.

    Result, van ate bike, uninsured bike gone, $2k for repairs to van gone. Riding for a long time, gone.

    As a later result, greater caution, riding skills an ongoing improvement process I hope to keep at for the rest of my days and a healthy respect for the dangers of the "head-on-zone" in a corner.
  11. hey guys and girls, thanks for the replys. i was looking forward to dropping in to say hi rosie, gotta mate who moved to Rhil so i was gonna crash there.

    tunelliner - at least ur honest, so far i'd managed to prevent my own stupidity hurting myself

    say_wat - looks like about 4 - 7 months of the best riding time gone, should be back for another does of winter power sliding

    Any idea on what is the best course of action when one is about to hit a car - i.e. a perpendicular accident of the type you described? Do you feel that you could've practically done anything at the moment you closed your eyes to lessen the damage incurred?

    This is something i have been wondering about and decided that the only other thing i think may have helped would be jumping just as i reached the car to try for a superman slide :LOL: :twisted:

    maybe those heavy duty knee guards that restrict movement to certain angles only?
    would have needed the motorcross type for preventing twistin of the leg

    Metricryder, i'm extremly glad as well, kinda freaked me hearing that

    wallyman, whilst it sounds nasty it gives you a different persective on pain and horrific. so much so i reckon i did pretty good out of it all.

    VTRbob, glad to still see you love bikes enough. once i was in hospital and reasonably coherent, i thought bit sore but at least i can't hear the better half's argument that my bikes good enough no need for upgrading.

    bit of a shame, the little gpx was racking up some k's though. i was gonna have to give it away.
  12. sorry to hear brother.
    actually sounds like you did really well, getting the bike a bit sideways before impact...going throught the car is usually a much worse outcome.
    hitting the helmet would have caused your body to go limp, automatic reaction.
    theres nothing you could have done!...it's important you talk to people about it a lot, but not dwell on what if's.
    if you are considering a lawyer the sooner they get all the details the better.
    what hospital you at?

    my first was not too dissimilar to yours...people mover full of bouncing kiddies and mum had a few too many red wines...for whatever reason, gunned it right out infront of me *smack* and i soared like a bird...unfornutally i eventually landed...my balls were smart enough to go up and hide haha...but yeah, bikers without balls are not uncommon...i copped 7 breaks, one still has'nt mended...but threres enough metal in there anyway so dose'nt really matter...i had a few bones poking out of me and was screaming my tits off.
    but hey, we're both really really lucky, counting my blessings.
  13. To answer the OP question; inexperience, what else?
  14. at home now, was at the alfred. ur right its good to talk about it

    i went through the what if but in the end it's happened count ur blessings and move on aye.

    sounds like u got a bad one, got my mri friday then dad is taking me to the bike expo so i can build up my guns some more :blackeye:

    depending on how many ligaments are snapped and if the capsule that holds it all together is ruptured could end up with a dodgy knee 4 life. turns out they use part of ur hamstring to make new ligaments :shock:

    In saying that i still want a new bike, and can't wait to ride again as it was the best thing that ever happened to me. the hard part is not getting to depressed stuck on the front veranda people watching day in day out :popcorn: :eek:hno:
  15. nearly got my self a few times with inexperience and still plenty more to learn, tried to learn from my mistakes and ride safer

    got so addicted for a while i was doing 1 - 2 thous k per week for a few weeks when i should have been studying and at uni...
    managed to turn 20 kilometre trips into 300 k loops started using food money for petrol hehehe then the projects came
  16. My first accident was someone was opening a car door. I was watching door of a car park out on the street on my left while i was lane spliting and then WHAM!! a door from the right opens.

    whose fault? is suppose its prob mine. a few minor drops here and there and a few lowsides on the track.
  17. Me,
    Didnt see a patch of oil on a greasy roundabout on a wet day, resulting in a ripping front end lose, kicking the bike away, and my pillion doing a perfect 3 pt landing on his ass and heels.

    Damage (other than ego) purely cosmetic

  18. my one and only accident so far was my fault, inexperience and fatigue, made a bad decision to hit the brakes and run straight into an oncoming car around a corner.
  19. Me.

    FZR250 + Not paying attention in a car park + Daewoo Nubira = You're gonna have a bad time.