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Who can top this for an enjoyable route to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 10, 2011.

  1. http://tinyurl.com/4xj6hhr

    Home to school at Mittagong, NSW.

    Macquarie Pass, Tourist Road, Ridge Road and Old South Road!!

    {But it was a bit chilly this morning :LOL:}
  2. That's a great run and yes, will be very chilly up top in the coming months.

    I raise you this ..... http://tiny.cc/8xoy9
  3. It is even a direct route. Winter will be tough though.

    Does it really take 56 minutes on the bike?
  4. +1...
  5. good point. 53km, 56min.... <60km/h average speed. :-s (looks like a lot of fun tho).
  6. It depends on if you get stuck behind six cars who are stuck behind three trucks on Macquarie Pass, or not..... even so, once you turn off onto Tourist Road it's a clear run right through, you just have to watch out for errant wildlife....

    As for the cold, the biggest danger of that is ice on the road; fortunately our local radio and TV stations provide very detailed weather forecasts so you can plan on whether or not to take the bike.

    The Bulli-Sutherland route would be interesting, but in my opinion, more dangerous in winter than the one I ride; many corners in the RNP stay damp all winter, plus there's the ever-present dangers of bimbling traffic and Police attention.
  7. That's not boy.racer by any chance is it? Forget your password? lol

    By the way, great route.
  8. You win, hell everyone else wins!

    My daily ride consists of turning right from my driveway, and right into work 22 km later.
    Only fun is the traffic, inhabited by endless numpties who forgot what a mirror or an indicator is for.

    Little wonder the only challenge left is to beat yesterday's time.
  9. On timing, this afternoon I left work at 3:14 and with a truck holding up two cars on the Pass, and two 40kph school zones in Albion Park I was still home dead on 4:00
  10. I'm very familiar with those roads and travel between the Illawarra and the Highlands quite a bit.

    I'm jealous that you get to travel on them frequently though!

    How's the temperature difference going from Albion Park up the Pass :p
  11. I can top it for an enjoyable ride to work!

    Mine takes a little longer, though.

  12. What time do you leave every morning? :D
  13. usually around 7:00 - 7:15; earlier or later doesn't seem to make much difference to the traffic......

    there's a pretty significant difference in temperature between the coast and Robertson at this time of year, (as much as 10 degrees) but as most of us know, it's also often colder in Robertson than in Mittagong/Bowral.
  14. That previous post was aimed at lowercase haha, still most rides beat mine.. http://bit.ly/m6EyGu good ole Sydney CBD.
  15. ah, yes, of course, :oops:
  16. usually about 11am, i don't like the peak hour traffic ;)
  17. I knew it - even beyond the grave Hornet will still keep posting! :)