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Who can help Cupid?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRgirl, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Okay, this is a long stretch, but my friend is desperately trying to track down a bike-flirt. And no, it's not me... Honest!

    She's trying to find a mesmerisingly blue-eyed guy (so much so, she didn't even notice the colour of the bike, or the helmet, or anything much else...) who was heading into the city on the M4 & then Parramatta Road, at around 8pm last Friday (3/3). She was sadly, vehicle-bound & too star-struck to flirt back, but the rider in question chose the side-sadle option as he rode past with some serious eye-contact a'hapnin'. Why the pair of them didn't crash, I don't know :roll: .

    Anyway, if you have any idea who ol' blue eyes is (and don't be directing me to Frank Sinatra :roll: ), or if you, in fact, are he, himself, then let me know, so I can put you in touch with She Who Shall Not Post.

    (And just to confirm, I have not been in Sydney since last year, so it really ain't me, although the way he's described, my interest is definitely piqued!!)

  2. Well it does sound like me, but I haven't been to Sydney in more than a year. :grin:
  3. Would she settle for fat balding and grumpy. :grin:
  4. Oh i hope this results in a "Happy Ending" :)

    Ah to be young and free to root whomever you please.... :)
  5. dude do you like have blue eyes??
    well i have to admit the blue jump suit u wear its quite blinding ... wouldnt of notice anything else blue around me hahah :grin: