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Who can do warranty services?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Puff, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hi folks,

    Just got my new bike, the big bad black GSX 1400 which I bought from Nick and Michael at Peter Stevens in the city. I am very happy man. :cool:

    The sales guys were great but I'm nervous about continuing to use them for service. I'm in Point Cook but can go to Geelong or the city for service and was wondering who would be a good service option based on others experience.

    The other question I had...do you have to go to a Suzuki dealer to maintain your warranty or can someone else do it without voiding your warranty (like Ultra Tune can do new car services without losing your warranty)?


  2. This goes for all brands, but in your case Suzuki:

    The law says that your warranty must not be cancelled simply because
    you had a non-Suzuki-brand-shop do the service.
    However, Suzuki can require that the place that does the service must:
    - be a licenced qualified motorcycle mechanic
    - perform the tasks listed in the service requirements to the appropriate
    standard (eg correct settings/adjustments, proper quality of oil, etc).

    However, official dealers are likely to:
    - know the bike better in and out
    - have the correct tools and adjustment data handy
    - be experienced and therefore quicker (which may save you $ even
    if the hourly rate is higher)
    - have access to information about recalls or regular problems with your
    model of bike etc, so that they can let you know and maybe fix recalls
    for free, or detect problems before they become $eriou$.

    Your warranty may not apply IF you have a failure and Suzuki
    show that it is due to:
    - non-genuine parts (eg aftermarket oil filter fault)
    - incompetent servicing by non-Suzuki mechanic

    Your money, your bike, your choice.
  3. thanks hotcam. i'm not looking to save money, i'm looking at getting someone (preferably nearby, in the city or in Geelong) who really knows what they are doing looking after my bike without it affecting my warranty in any way.
  4. I should also mention this is not the rule for most dealer-extended warranties. If you have dealer-extended warranty you might be required
    to get it serviced by the dealer where possible (obviously they would
    be likely to approve you to use the local bike shop if you are travelling through Alice Springs or Karratha).
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  6. Read the link provided by E2W, then peruse this little gem --> https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=62829. I've not had the pleasure of the PS Experience, but there are a lot of stories.

    For the record, I use Charlie at Turn One in Kensington. He's more a sportsbike kind of guy (and sometimes referred to as the Triumph Whisperer). He is more than worth the trip to Kenso, treats the bike as if it were his own.