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Featured Who braved it in Sydney??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Big W, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Just wondering if many layered up & braved our lovely weather so far?

    I foolishly did! Not so much the rain but the sudden strong gusts of wind, poor visibility, & slippery roads coz of all the debris & crap everywhere!

    Still, I have no choice as I have no cage :nailbiting:

  2. meeeeeeeeeee I did too! There were lots of free spaces in the motorbike parking :D

    Made a newbie error of tucking my sleeves into my gloves (to stop wind blowing up) but didn't think this would allow the rain to drain down my sleeves and into my gloves :( So they are soggy and squishy - not looking forward to putting them on sarvo!
  3. duck down to target or whatever and grab an el cheapo hair dryer, travel type and an ice cream. Eat Ice cream, use stick to prop open glove, aim hairdryer on low heat and low fan towards the opening and turn on. Don't put the hair dryer into the glove, oh and use a wooden icecream stick, not a plastic one. Other alternatives, are coffee stirrers, and led pencils.
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  4. Traveled for 3 hours in sunshine, and then 4 hours in the rain and slush of the Victorian Alpine region Friday, wet as a shag be the time we got to Bright/Mt. Beauty. Gloves soaked to the skin, boots certainly not waterproof either. That pretty much sucked.... And then continued to piss down for the next 24 hours. Damn you weather gods.
  5. Cool! Thanks for that.
  6. Yeah, my winter gloves fared the worst of it too.

    Damn shocking visability though!! Good thing with the sudden gusts of cross wind was I didn't have to turn my head side to side to 'clear' the water from my visor.

    I'm lucky enough to be able to steer clear of the freeway though. They're bad enough in the dry with the swaying trucks & blind cagers! I rode it yesterday when it wasn't so bad (just wet with light rain) & the concrete surface just allows for more mist & sh1t to fly up it's like riding in a freakin spit cloud! That & far less grip than bitumen!
  7. get some plexus it will improve that for ya
  8. I'm tossing up whether to ride to Bronte to watch the 11 m swell. I went for a short ride yesterday and it was awful. The wind and the rain I don't mind so much it's the fact that it's autumn and there are sludgy leaves all over the road.
  9. Or save the cash and get surgical gloves from your work place first aid kit (or woolies)...
  10. I think its gonna get worse before it gets better. I'm thinkin of stayin off the road, not only coz of the abysmal conditions & road debris, but as theres a lot of rubber-neckers about too, just having a look & admiring the misfortunes of others!
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  11. i rode home last night after work and while i had no probs with the rain the dr650 was getting hammered by the wind. Looked outside this morning at 6am and rang work using my im dieing voice and decided to go back to bed
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  12. I did...was OK. Harbour bridge was a bit windy at 7.30am.
  13. Christ where the hell have you been? You were one of the founding goonies.
  14. Ha Smilee it's been a while! How's thing dude?
  15. 0.0 the other cat's back!
  16. I'd like to meoooow at you but that has been known to cause a rush of fluids in some creatures.
  17. Yeah, I just pooped myself.

    Where have you been?
  18. Yeah things are well. Still living in Sydney, Still mainly commuting with little time to rec ride. Still studying, nearly finished, had some big hiccups in the middle so took a fair bit of time off. Got a comfy pair of moderator pants now.

    You were on the ground floor of one of the coolest motorcycle clubs to be created ever. It's a shame you disappeared.
  19. Hotel California......
  20. Bugger. Life got very busy! more kids, change of jobs, little time to ride. Those mod pants look good on you.