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who at night rides with their high beam on?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zumanity, May 29, 2008.

  1. i dont do a lot of riding at night but was wondering if other riders ride with their high or low beams on when in the dark.

  2. Low, but that's because there's usually heaps of light around where I ride :)
  3. I only use highbeam when necessary, and always make sure I dip my lights whenever I see another vehicle approaching.
    Bottom Line .. do as you would normally do when driving a car .
    Pretty simple :wink:
  4. I use low-beam about 90-95% of the time.

    If there's no (or insufficient) street lighting, and no traffic in front of me (either oncoming, or that I'm following closely) then I'll use high beam.

    On most suburban roads I almost never need high-beam, but on rural roads I have it on most of the time.
  5. +1
    Don't wanna be 'that guy' that rides around blinding people. If not cars, go nuts.
  6. ok thanks guys.

    i guess i was thinking from the perspective of being more visible at night.
  7. Not necessary. You're already a big bright spot of light against the darkness when you use dipped/low beam...

    If you run highbeams toward other road users they won't be able to see anything but your headlight. Highbeams are fcuking bright. Even during daytime they can dazzle other road users.
  8. +1

    If your concerned about visibility some jackets have reflective materials on them which are quite bright.

    And remember to ride according to your visibility. ie its harder to spot pot holes, wombats, debris etc at night. Allow time to avoid em.
  9. thanks guys! great tips.

    what is the best way to deal with potholes as it not possible to miss all of them where i live...(part of the reason i dont like to ride at night).?
  10. And having a pump action shotgun tied to the front of the bike gets you lots of attention during the day - that still doesn't make it a good idea.
  11. [​IMG]

    I didn't realise you were riding in an area with so many pot holes. The only way to really see them properly is to use high beams as suggested. If there are oncoming cars, that actually increases the need to use high beams as you have to counteract the effect of the oncoming lights in limiting your visibility.
  12. Go slower.
  13. +1 use highbeams
    re: potholes ... see joel :p
  14. go faster, so you fly over them :)
  15. I can't believe people are giving the advice "use you highbeams." I'd rather hit a pothole than have granny get blinded and decide its finally time to "go into the bright light".
    Or you get a guy coming the other way who decides he likes to burn your eyeballs too - I play that game, most guys do. Try dodging a pot hole with no retinas.

    Ride the road during the day, look for the pot holes. If its an unfamiliar road slow down - or wait for a clear road and then light it up. Blinding some fcuker into a head on will get you a lot more dead than hitting a pot hole.
  16. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Post of the month :)
  17. I try and use my high beam whenever I can during night rides. Obviously dim them when you see another vechile coming.

    I also use my high beam during the day sometimes to increase my "presence" on the road. Especially late afternoon when the sun is setting and their are shadows etc on the road. If it makes it easier to see or been seen then use them...
  18. If you live in a city on in suburbs you don't really EVER need to use your high beam... period.. Unless there is a blackout and all the street lights go out.

    I'm from a small country town where there are almost no street lights, you need high beam there so you can see the kangaroos before you hit them.

    Have you ever seen people driving around at night with no headlights on? well they don't notice because there is so much light from the lamp posts!

    I agree with Bonkers if you use your high beams your likely to blind someone and have them run in to you or someone else. i mean common Excel fog lights are totally distracting and annoying, imagine what the person who has to look at your high beam feels.
  19. When I see them I try to avoid hitting them :shock:
  20. Adjust your low beam up a bit