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Who are you gonna vote for.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grant600RR, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Little Johnny

  2. Big Rudd

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  3. Other

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  1. keep voting people!!!!!

    wow someone is getting a smashing in the poll

  2. why are you going with jonny grant? is it because;

    you need to be bent over a bonnet saying 'give it to me, give it to me hard jonny! i want more!' :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


    was the 6 BILLION he spent on his last campain not enough to sway you?


    you dont mind an old man who, when he started to loose his hearing and had speakers installed in ph, after years of getting along fine without them, he wouldnt admit it was because he was getting on?


    is it the money that iraq is costing us which is pushing us towards another recession? perhaps, we can pour more into that war?


    is it the interest rates? are they not high enough for you?


    our FANTASTIC hospital system which is the face of the election this year


    is that when anyone looks you in the eye and says 'just shut up and trust me' after being caught out in one boat people lie, you want more?


    maybe you were fond of the new slave labor laws that came with an info line that gave no info what so ever?


    its our alliance with USA which cost us millions [in hurricane donations alone, not including the war, donations of which we were told they would not do for us unless there was something they could get out of it, which was before the money was handed over, that alliance?]. an alliance that will disapear the moment dubbya leaves which will be v soon?


    is it the 'free trade agreement' that ended up costing us much more money?


    are you worried that a vote for labor might bring about the problems that happened when labor was in party some years ago, despite the fact those people are long gone?

  3. wow!!!!!

    Jonny has experience, he has boosted our economy big time. Rudd..... hmm what experience does he have in government.... NONE, how the heck does he expect to be able to run the country.

    Yes both are not perfect, but last time Labor were in ...... what a disaster that was
  4. +1 DStump!

    Nuff said really. :grin:
  5. everyones got an opinion.......... and its just that "an opinion"
  6. Pick your puppet.

    Nuff Said.

    Labor/Liberal/Arts Students (Greens)/Priests and fiddlers party.

    Everyone here, I support your choice. I support mine. Stump took a cheap shot. I may agree on some points, but it was a cheap shot.
  7. i agreed that labor was a disaster last time but they were different people.

    jonny hasnt boosted our economy at all. he just makes it look as tho he does by not puting money into needed services like the resovoir he should have built years ago.

    jonny puts on a show. the very first thing he did when he came into power was rip the disability carers allowance out from under those who have to care for disabled family members

    then he just kept going.

    did you know that if you had a disabled child and severely needed help because you couldnt cope, you would have to get to the point of suicide or come close to the point where you would murder the kid before the government would help you?

    ^ thats not my idea of a good ecconomy

    theres more i will not mention but i will say this, there are many services that were cut that were needed by the australian people

    what is the purpose of government?

    to me, they are there for the people, john howard is there for his ego and to hell with everyone else.

    grant, i dont want to have a government that isnt going to provide the essentual services. i dont have a crippled kid but i hate knowing what families are having to go thru.

    of course rudd hasnt been in power before, and he wont, no one will if people keep thinking that's a bad thing.

    its perfectly natural to be afraid of change but more reasonable to consider change to be a step up in this case.

    did you know, that when john went out to visit war heroes he only shock hands with the men who were not injured, and ignored those in a wheelchair?

    john does spend money and in a big way too, he just doesnt spend it the right way.

    the most vital parts of our ecconomy [the parts that say we are wealthy] are not here today, those services no longer exist.

    our ecconomy, when run by john is very poor, and that war is taking us all the way down.

    you know what else? we're going to be paying for that war for years and
    if labor gets in this time around, that dept might get blamed on them, along with the expenditure associated with our water problems.

    u know why the havent done any thing about our water problems dont u?

    its because they dont want to spend the money, they want to make us LOOK like we're rich and let labor spend the money and make us LOOK poor.

    cheers :cool:

  8. Only by a combination of taking credit for the reforms that Keating implemented, a boom in the resources sector which has precisely zero to do with him, and the tragic misconception that people are wealthier due to the soon-to-burst subprime lending bubble.

    Unemployment - tackled the easiest way, redefine the term. Doing a hour or two of voluntary work in a fortnight is enough for someone to be excluded as an unemployment statistic. Wow, now the figures are close to full employment!

    Who was the treasurer who presided over the highest interest rates in Australia's history. <drum roll> John Howard!

    A circular argument here. By this logic Howard should have never been elected. Much as I dislike Rudd, his credentials to run the country are certainly no less than Howards. Probably more so since his track record for honesty is better than Howards.

    Really? They governed the country during a global recession and implemented reforms that led to a huge decrease in interest rates. Howard inherited the low interest rates and has been responsible for their increase ever since. Homes are less affordable now than they ever have been, even when interest rates were 17%.

    In case you are wondering, I ticked 'other'
  9. Oh boy this could get ugly :popcorn:
  10. paging Cowgirl1600
  11. +1 temple monkey

    why did you tick 'other' temple monkey.
  12. Thaats not the point of this!!!!!
  13. I am one of those who actually studies up and does the 'all the numbers below the line' for the Senate vote. For the lower house, I won't rule out voting Labor (prefer not to after the recent preferences deals that have yielded some right nutters into office - Yes Steve Fielding, I am looking in your direction) but at the moment the Greens look more progressive so I might give them a go.
  14. don't worry grant. you expressed some concerns and for once we are having an adult conversation. if some idot wants to split hairs im not going to be any part of that. hopefully the rest of us could ignore that as well.

    grant, have you had a read of the thread? do you still feel the same way or are you feeling a little stuck at the mo?

    cheers :cool:
  15. temple monkey wrote
    sway me please TM, i know nothing of greens

    im under the impression that its either kevin or jonny
  16. Goodonya stump. Going in hard, as usual.
  17. g'day roger,

    i just want to find out about the greens from a person who knows what they're talking about

    cheers :cool:
  18. Yeah Jax, the greens will do ok, but they won't form the next govt.
  19. so what you're saying is that this election isnt just about a new leader? what good would a vote for green accomplish?