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Who are they

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TotalPanic, May 20, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Any of you were in group of around 20 bikes heading down New South Head Rd from Vaucluse to the City around 2pm today?

    Stop scaring everyone on the road:) I was on my bike and I was scared at times ... although it was fun trying to keep up with you bunch with my L's on :D learned a couple of things about my bike and my ability because of you ... So thanks.

  2. Go steady son. It's not a race. :wink:

  3. this is how you will get yourself into trouble pushing your own ability to keep up, and you dont even know the people in question... shame on you :LOL:
  4. Highway to owchies! If they're faster than you, then forget it. You'll never catch up but you might catch a tree. :wink:

    Not telling you how to ride, just some good advice. Choose to ignore it and I won't give a stuff but you might. :)
  5. I did not have to do anything special to keep up. Choose correct line, keep it and see them at the next light!

    Fun part was feeling like part of the group. And keeping my eye on the bikes around me kept me from thinking about gears, so I switched to auto mode there and did not shift up as much as I usually do.

    I did not lane split, even at the lights, or change lanes more then 3 times the whole way!

    And you all assume I was pushing my self :( Was well within my safety zone, wouldn't have it any other way! Still was a good experience seeing others go through turns in front of you.

  6. Hi TP, I think we all read your initial post as pushing yourself to your limits, glad you cleared that up with the above post. :grin:

    Update your profile with your location and then hook up on some Netrider rides, or put your hand up for some Mentor Tuition. You will gain a lot out of it :)
  7. Noodie Pooh thinks your're just being a nice, sweet and caring person!

    The Pooh is happy to know you! :grin:
  8. hey TP!! i ride NSH road every day for work! Love the twisties on the hill... Do you live local mate? There's a group of us from the east subs that meet up fairly regularly...
  9. Best way to learn.
  10. Not here TP.

    There arent any fast netriders in Syd. :p
  11. Says the one who rides a zx10r :p
  12. Sorry Cleverlie [​IMG]

    Forgot all about ya matey :LOL:

    So you are the culprit eh! Naughty naughty! [​IMG]
  13. Nah, wasn't me. Its hard enough for me to get my bike out of the suburb without the police showing up and ruining things.
  14. Why did you ride with them if they scared you? :eek:
  15. Funzies
  16. Traffic lights.. the great equalizer! :twisted: