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Who are they? Never seen anything like it.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cleverlie, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. I was at home doing random crap with my bike and heard the scream of a couple bikes going past a few times over and over so i walked outside to check em out and there was 2 bikes, a sports tourer and a supersport well i can only guess it was because it had race fairing on. So i thought i'd grab a shot of one of the guys accelerating hard out of a corner, they had gear on but they dumped it all on the other bike, guess it was a hot day.

    Anyway the only shot i got before they left. Anyone know what bike that is? The other one was a zzr600 as i was talking to him while watching the other one get some good corners in.
    I forgot to ask who they were but i don't think they'd tell me as this guy was in race fairing. Anyone know them?
  2. a kawi 10 maybe looking at the gold bits (brakes n what not)

    Cheers :cool:
  3. That's the worst bit of photoshop I've ever seen.....Go back to school! :LOL:
  4. I thought it was pretty good :grin:

    I'll cut the suspense right now guys, it was me (duh)! :cool:
  5. [​IMG]

    Thought exactly the same thing.

    Rear wheel (contact patch) gives it away & the dodgy shadowing under the
    bike & on the gutter. :rofl:

    Thats why there is only one photo available. [​IMG]


  6. Im not sure how many wheelies you've done in a corner but everything is about right and the bike is like 60cm away from the gutter.
  7. heh, that was cheeky

    btw, went down that street last sunday, late afternoon.
  8. sunday...i was out and about sunday morning, you go through those corners?
  9. LoL looks like your about to do Back To The future Style & Go Airbourne :LOL: :LOL:
  10. hell YES
    what kind of pagan do you take me for, dude :D
  11. Not when I load it up & zoom in on it. Looks crap.

  12. Now why would you go to all that trouble. :p

    What speed do you hit around the corners? PM it to me.
  13. :LOL: Clev.

    Not much else to do at this time of that night other than watching p0rn. [​IMG]
  14. Well go watch your p0rn and stop beating me up over my crappy photoshopping! :p

    Only did it because i was going to fast for the camera to get a shot of me lifting the front wheel in the corner.. :(
  15. You sir are an idiot!

    Keep it up :p
  16. I swear Ive seen that guy somewhere.

    Oh and in case you want to know Cleverlie, I hit 50 on those corners :cool:
  17. Atlest you can't get introuble for going those speeds ay donshe.
  18. Hey...that bike in the background kinda looks like mine!?...wait a minute....

    Like i said before...you wish Cleverlie, you wish. :LOL: