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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pompy, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Have been asked if I want to head up to Whitfield for a weekend in October, is it worth riding up? Is it a good place to explore on a road bike?

  2. Yes Yes Yes :)

    The Mansfield to Whitfied run is considered a signiture bike run. Better yet get to Mansfield by the Eildon Jamieson road and you have a recipe for fun.
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  3. I went to Whitfield back in Feb, with a dozen riders via Eildon, on the way to Mt Hotham and onto Mitta Mitta. Decent enough roads around the Whitfield area, but unfortunately can't name any of them.
  4. Thanks guys will be exploring on my own while the GF is at a training course, think I will score some points and head up there for the weekend, the ride there may be a bit of a drag tho.....
  5. Always an opportunity: Via Koo Wee Rup, Launching Place Healsville, Black Spur, Eildon Jamieson road, Mansfied, Whitfield. A good run.

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  6. Thanks heaps for that cjvfrcjvfr
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  7. Of course Mr Plod knows it's popular too, particularly the Black Spur.
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  8. You can go straight through whitfield and go to cheshunt , chuck a right and go up to lake william hovel , is a dead end at the lake but nice little lake to have a look at , then head back to whitty pub turn left and off to mansfield , when heading to eldoin very busy road with lots of bikes and cars , be carefull and a shit load of hair pins , but awesome ride , Leroy
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  9. Yy.

    Definitely !! Gorgeous road with beautiful scenery .Been through there once as a pillion and once on my own bike ..cant wait to go through there again!!!
  10. Berries at the top if your lucky, watch out for wombats :D
  11. The stars are aligning, just working on access, but it looks like I am Whitfield bound :woot:
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  12. Well that access was actually accom, which is now booked!!!!! Twisties and Gastro pub here I come, ohhh and the GF too of course (y)
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  13. Onya PompyPompy, you're going to love it, one of my fav stretches of road and am doing it again in a few weeks on my Bright trip. Remember to post up some pics too. Check out the Grim Reaper on the motorbike as you cruise through Tolmie.

    Enjoy :playful:
  14. When are you looking at going?
  15. Mick MMick M I'll be heading off at about 5ish on the 2nd October, taking the route cjcfr posted, lots of stops and lots of pics, with the real camera. I'll have 3 days in Whitfield to explore on my own while the GF is at her course, can't wait!!!!!!
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  16. I'm tipping you'll go via Rose River to Myrtleford, I'd be keen to know the condition of that road. Pics if possible? Cheers.
  17. NedNed I don't know the area, but have been looking on google earth and that route looks good for a trip to do
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  18. Well the time has come, the bike is all packed, the camera is on board with some new filters too!!!! Early start tomorrow and I'll be on my way, and I've aced it with the forecast!!!!
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  19. You will have a ball, if you are doing the full route I linked above then stop from time to time for a rest and some pictures. Enjoy!
  20. Bike, beer and babe.

    Can't get any better.