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Whitehouse motorcycles Albury - THANKS!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Bluesuede, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just completed an aweseome 3 day VIC/NSW tour which I intend to write up in the Tour diary section, but I wanted to take the time to post in this forum about Whitehouse motorcycles who are located in Albury, whose services I required during my trip.

    I set off on my trip knowing that my rear tyre was not great and would soon be due for replacement - my regular service place advised it would probably be due for replacement at the 12k service, so I headed off into glorious sunshine thinking my tyre would be good for the trip.

    Well it turns out my tyre had other ideas, and decided that about 11k was as far as it wanted to travel :LOL: I was about 25kms out of Holbrook NSW at night when I pulled over for a stretch. Happened to look at the rear tyre which I'd checked that morning and saw something white. Heart sank, took a closer look and saw I'd completely gone through all the rubber :shock: rode slowly [-o< and carefully into the next town - Holbrook - and pulled into the first motel. Nothing much else I could do that night and there wasn't likely to be anywhere in Holbrook that had a tyre to suit, spoke with Seany briefly over the phone (thanks Seany!) about whether I ought to push on to Albury or not, and so stayed put.

    Anyway next morning, (tyre was a hell of a lot worse than I realised when I saw it in daylight) rang around town to see whether I could get the bike taken to Albury, and the local panel beater (thanks Quickie) of PJ panels had a mate with a bike trailer and he came around and we loaded up the bike and took it into Albury. I'd rung ahead to the local Yamaha place, Whitehouse motorcycles, and spoke to the boss himself who had told me to bring it straight to them and they would replace it for me on the spot.

    So I arrived at Whitehouse motorcycles, and the boss, Steve, was as good as his word. The workshop was booked out for the next two weeks solid and the boss himself took my bike around and replaced the tyre for me straight away. Steve offered to look after all my gear while I went and grabbed some breakfast, and I came back and shortly afterwards my bike was ready and I was on my way. :biker:

    So I just wanted to say a big THANKS to Whitehouse motorcycles, and if anyone is ever passing through Albury, I recommend stopping in. They are the local Yamaha/Kawasaki/Triumph dealer and service centre. Fantastic group of people and I am so appreciative of their willingness to help out a stranded motorcyclist on such short notice!! :applause:
  2. Mate,who lives hour & half north of Albury,takes his Thruxton there...
    ...he's very pleased with service & pricing...
  3. Great service, good to hear about these dealers.
  4. Yep sounds about right
    Workshop always busy & you really dont wanna be in a hurry for anything.

    But they will go out of there way, & even better spend a $ or 2 & they give you a nice little discount on gear.

    Other mob further down the road, Online there good also.
  5. Noted for use soon......... :)
    But do they do Suzuki?
  6. Their Wodonga shop is the Suzuki Dealer, but I have no idea about their service arrangements. Bear in mind there are Suzuki dealers in Echuca and Shepparton also.
  7. I'd much rather hear a good story than a bad one, and that's a beaut. Have a guess where travelling Netriders are likely to call first? He's done his business a huge service by being so helpful.

    I had a similar experience with Mick Cole in Bega a couple of years ago; my speedo stopped working on a trip to Melbourne, and his workshop was flat out, but he fixed it for me and charged me $15 for the job!!! Highly recommended!!!