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White ZX6R. Done 7500 kms. Loving it.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jamesthewonderful, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Awesome looking bike. I think I've seen it before too I used to train at MKK
  3. Hawt! (y)

    Bonus points for being a kwaka....
  4. Nice looking bike James.
  5. nice rack
  6. whos the chickie?
  7. nice bike :)

    I have one just like it :p
  8. White pwns IMO....
  9. You're gorgeous James! I love blondes
  10. did she come with the bike??
  11. I've had two of these (wrote off my 2009). Great bikes.
    Here's mine

  12. mmmhmm daddy liiiike

    oh yeah nice bike too ;)
  13. how much did you get your oggy knobs for?
    looking to buy some online
  14. The Oggy knobs were $360 from Race Replica. They are 10 times better than other knobs for the ZX6R. The bracket and bracing bar is heavy duty stuff. The steel sheet they used for the bracket and brace bar is just over 5mm thick.

  15. sweet, might look into it.
  16. thanks for the Oggy info..I too am after some