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White stuff on the seat

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gordon, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Ok, i polished my bike, a while ago, where talking a good long cleaning here. Anyways i accidently got some polish on the the seat, just round the edges. Ive been trying a few things mainly water and time, hoping itll just disappear. This action has failed, therefore i was wondering if anyone knew of something to clean (nylon i think-its a vtr250). thanks dave

  2. Done the same thing myself...when you find a cure let me know. If all else fails for me I'm going to use skuff stuff
  3. Eucalyptus oil????

    Nail polish remover????
  4. hmm interesting idea, ill give it a shot on a small section thanks for the idea knightrider
  5. If the seat is really black and not grey, try black boot polish. An old remedy but a good one. Don't forget to polish of well before riding though. works great on all the black rubber bits too.
  6. I've heard of people loving their bike......

    ......but white stuff on the seat :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. but be careful with the nail polish remover! :shock:

    theres a lot of plastics out there that REALLY dont like that stuff. it could work and be right as rain, but theres also a good chance that it'll do a little bit of melting and make things worse :? try it on the underside of the seat or something first, you dont wanna create a whone new problem....
  8. i was gunna say something..... :LOL: :LOL:

    pearl necklace anyone? :shock:
  9. Try citrus cleaner
  10. Someone had to say it....... :p
  11. Be careful using the scuff stuff shoe polish (paint) as it tends to rub off and if you wear non black clothing it could be embarassing for you if you get my drift.

    I know the crap I use on the work boots has a tendancy to rub off onto the carpet at home if I'm not careful and results in much complaining.

    I got some citrus cleaner on some matt black plastic bits on a car once and it made it look nice and shiny for a few days and then it started to whiten up big time so be careful with that as well.
  12. Armourall auto cleaner (NOT THE PROTECTANT). Spray it on then rub with a damp cloth, This stuff seems to clean just about anything. :D
  13. yeah i thought of armorall, but then realised that it does make a nice shine and clean would work great, just doesnt do much for grip. Pitty its on the seat. Still no comfirmed positive ideas
  14. You didn't read my post. You nead the Cleaner, not the Protectant. They are entirely different products and even come in different bottles. The cleaner won't make your seat slippery if you follow the instructions. :)