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White Powder on engine - oxidisation?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ford Fairlane, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Heya guys,

    Got my L's yesterday! woot woot! but now have to buy a bike. Found a really cheap 1995 virago for $1800. Its done close to 58,000 but my immediate problem is that the engine is covered in white powdery substance which i believe is oxidisation. Just wondering how hard it is to remove (seems like his detailer couldnt). Opinions please!


  2. Almost certainly semen - those Virago owners were sick fuckers in the 90's...
    Is the rest of the paint etc in as bad condition? Might just be a bike that's been kept outside...
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  3. LOL!! there is some fade on the back wheel guard and its definately left out during the day at his work which is seaside. Had trouble scratching it off with a finger nail, looks like it needs blasting (if it comes off at all). Niot sure if i should have touched it if it was semen lol 8-[
  4. definitely semen.
  5. I'm seeing a picture of a 15yo bike kept outside, with all the flaked, baked paint and corrosion that goes with it...
    Don't suppose you got pics?
  6. Could be salt from living semanside?

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  7. Only the one pic, but it doesnt show the oxidising

  8. Actually looks quite good - there's a much rustier one that parks where I work...

  9. If it were a Hardley or a Duck I'd agree with you, but as with all other motorcycles, it's probably cocaine.
  10. the motor will clean up with some wd40 fine sand paper and some /lots of rubing .then you can use some polish to shine it up .. have you ride the bike yet?? the back rack sissy bar might be a pain in the back,check the bike for RUST in the tank,any nuts and bolts for rust .its hard to tell from the photo are the wheel spokes rusty ??
  11. havent ridden it as i found it 5 mins afetr getting my L's (no helmet etc) Also thought the oxidising would be a deal breaker but keep thinking about it coz its cheap.. might pay the guys on the next street to give me a report on it
  12. .....
  13. i have said this before and i will say it again ,,,,there is more to owning a motor bike than just throwing your leg over the seat and pushing the start button
  14. Aluminium oxidation on the outside of an engine, in itself, means nothing unless it is really, really bad. It may, however, be an indication of poor maintenance by the owner.

    Is the bike kept by the sea? If so that would explain the oxidation. Look then for rusting elsewhere and if that doesn't exist then the bike should be fine (provided you've done all the usual checks).

    As noted above, cleaning up oxidation on engine cases is just a matter of elbow grease and is part of owning a bike. Particularly air cooled naked bikes. Cleaning it up only takes a hand-full of dollars for consumables.
  15. You only know you've said it before because it was less than 10 minutes ago in another thread, you forgetful old bastard! I'm not sure it's even relevant here...

    But it sounds like you've walked out of your L's and fallen over this bike, Ford - was this even the kind of bike you wanted?
  16. it is relevant to all new motor bike riders as they think its just jump on a motor bike and go ....
  17. its anthrax
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  18. Fair enough.
    And it's good to see you back, old man ;)
  19. but how am i supposed to learn? Im guessing that you are referring to me not knowing anything about bikes.. this is true but want to learn and im not afraid of elbow grease...

    To answer the question is this the bike i was looking for... Answer is honestly.. no. i would prefer something like a GS500f for the highway miles i need to do but im also thinking i should get something cheap to get me over my L's and P's.. Something i can learn maintenance etc on until i can buy an unrestricted bike. Have also been looking at BMW F650 Dakar (instructor recommended to me). The smaller bikes like they have at the pre learners were really hard to get my feet under and over the gear change as it made me bend my leg up too much.. i didnt think 6ft tall was going to make bike choice an issue
  20. Then keep looking - you'll fucking hate the Virago in about 3 minutes...
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