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white outs on the pacific motorway

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pragnasty, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. has anyone had any experience on the bike in a white out [white concrete surface and rain inhibits vision] on the pacific motorway (gold coast qld) any tips? have driven through one in a cage and almost been cleaned up. looking at gettng some of those groovy yellow yakka wet weather gear, http://www.yakka.com.au/ww/ww_det.asp?prodID=17016&rangeID=jr but any idea what the posties wear?

  2. Not really sure what your looking for with this post. If your after a way to improve vision in those situations then the best thing I've found is those cheap ass yellow tinted sunglasses from servos.
    If your positive your going to have to ride in alot of car spray just whack them on when you start your trip. The yellow tint seems to cut through alot of the glare that you get from the spray of other vehicles.
    You might look like a bit of a tool wearing them, but it beats ending up in traction.

    Whats the bet that I didnt aswer your question at all :D
  3. :D lol cool no thats helps goose, any idea if they make em in that old fogey polaroid style so they can fit over my cokebottle glasses? or should i just use yellow cellophane? :LOL: :wink:
  4. Im not sure man. I've only seen the wrap around type.

    So youve got a choice, Glare with your glasses and no tint, or blurryness with a tint but no glasses. Flip a coin. :D

    If you have perscription sunglasses they might be worth a try, they dont work as well as the yellow stuff, but smoke or brown tint does help
  5. You can get amber safety glasses from Bunnings for $15. They are great for riding with your visor open on overcast days or at night. Excellent wind protection and shatter proof. Not sure if they'll fit over your prescription glasses.
  6. pull over. those tropical storms dont last too long. I have done the trip from Byron to Brisbane lots of times and occasionally got caught in what your talking about. The best thing to do is find a rest area and chill for a while.
  7. BTW, the yellow rain gear wont do a thing to help. The best thing to do is maybe pulse your rear brake a little so your brake light goes on and off. This will help anyone behind you see you a little better.