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WHITE NINJA!!!!111111111111

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Manny, May 5, 2005.

  1. An 'in' joke or..?
  2. Hey manny I've got the whole book of White Ninja I bought it from this wierd nerd store in london, classic stuff it is! :D, I'll try and scan a few more and post em up
  3. oh man that book would rock

    none of it is on the website huh??

    scan scan scan
    WN rules.!
  4. I must be old..............


  5. rofl.... wheres my dog??? lol :twisted:
  6. I have a retarded sense of humour, yet i dont find these remotely funny?
  7. some of these make me giggle.. others i dont get :(

    :D i should be doing work... hmm..
  8. Ok.

    White Ninja: CRAP :p

    Sluggy: WAAAAY COOL :D
  9. okay ... no
    sluggy is just cartoon where is the joke? boring everyday newspaper style cartoon, I hate that shit.

    White Ninja = funniest of funnies

    I bet me and manny both have this category type of sense of humour.

    Let me see Manny I bet you have seen and loved at least one of the following movies:

    Supertroopers = (IMHO the best damn movie EVER made!!!!)
    tommy boy
    flying high
    flying high 2
    club dread
    don't be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood
    and of course any of adam sandlers and the wayans brothers stuff ...

    it's a wierd sense of humour not many people like it But sluggy is definitely whack. haven't read through much of ctrl-alt-del yet i'm sure it's much of the same
  10. I was just skimming this thread and wasn't going to bother following the links but as you've just named my all time favorite movie as your #1 I'm going to have to have a look now.

    For anyone who hasn't seen Supertroopers and is into slightly off beat stuff, very very funny (though also slightly embarasing if your friends don't get it and are looking bored while you're almost wetting yourself)
  11. wow, the only movie on that list that I've seen is
    - don't be a menace in south central while drinking your juice in the hood

    and that I havnt seen in a long, long time.

    I think I should go to the video store!

    Hmm I liked that first sluggie cartoon.. the rest werent as good. I hereby retract my previous statement that Sluggie is pretty awesome aswell. soz : /

    awesome song. =p

    take the time to look at some of the links bond girl, you will be entertained I promise.
  12. AprilliaGirl is spot on, supertroopers is the funniest movie in the world, did you know that club dread is also created by the same characters/writers, they call themselves broken lizard, they also did a movie called puddle cruiser as their first ever that was pretty funny aswell. And Mac from supatroopers used to be a breakdancer in the eighties haha!

    anyway all those movies I listed are Gold so check them out anyone reading the thread....

    or take the white ninja challenge: