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White metal bearings - Help!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Woodsy, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Ok, in this case it's for an industrial aplication but i thought i'd put it here so any one restoring an old bike can find it.

    So 'O' great and wise netriders who can help me?
    I need another suplier for remetaling of white metal bearings. And i want them cast NOT sprayed.

    Bearing remetalers in Doveton are great but there getting way too busy and have trouble meeting deadlines in a shut.

    Spray Met in Qld are great to deal with but they spray the white metal on.
  2. Hmm, love to help ya Woodsy but my bare ring is more of a brownish tinge.
  3. white metal? wtf is that like the ruling apartheid faction of metal?

    :shock: putting the black metal down... you racist woodsy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Woodsy mate get rid of them as you can see there are very little options for refurbishment these days

    I do it from time to time at home but these days i will get the ACL book and look for Cam bearings Auto style full circle or split type ala big end / mains

    Go to the local engine reconditioner and get him to let you look through the book then of course you just need to mod the original housings

    Then again why not change em out for pillow block balls / needle roller sets
  5. you are an idiot zac... :wink: white metal is called thus cos it's.. well, white. aka babbit metal... an alloy of tin, antimony and lead. (close to common stick solder actually)

    Woodsy, try http://www.camcoeng.com.au, or there is a book that explains how to do it yourself (http://www.ploughbooksales.com.au/009441.htm) at plough books.

    I resurfaced babbit metal bearings way back in my auto apprenticeship, took farking ages to get it right.

    failing that, give your closest veteran and vintage car club a call, they often have to resurface and refit whitemetal bearings in their restorations. If they don't do it themselves, they should know where to get it done. A list of clubs is available here.... http://www.carsonline.com.au/veteran1.htm
  6. its the stuff they put on big ends and mains so that particals of metal will embend into the surface and not score your crank.

    Sheeesh no racist comments allowed only serious metal heads need apply :LOL:
  7. Not an option, just off the top of my head:
    64 Power station cooling pumps ($8,000 per pump for re whitemetaling)
    18 main turbine gear boxes ($26,000 per gear box for re whitemetaling)
    20 + 960kW gear boxes ($16,000 per gear box for re whitemetaling)

    To calculate what bearings to use, re bore the journals, buy the bearings, re do the lurication system $$$$$$$$$ not to mention the down time.
  8. I'm not a racist, i hate everyone equaly :p