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White markings on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. General question, I know that the white markings on road surfaces are like ice when wet. But are they that bad when dry?

  2. Dry ice.
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  3. As smooth as a babies bum.
  4. it depends
  5. In neither case are they as bad as you describe, but yeah take them with extra caution when it's wet. When it's dry they're not really a problem, but treat any change in road surface with caution till you are used to it; the issue is more that, as a newb (which I assume you are) you might tend to over-brake etc inappropriately for the road surface.
  6. There not too bad dry but I try & avoid them most of the time, that way makes it second nature in the wet.
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  7. Also be aware of putting your foot down on road markings at intersections in the wet. Very nearly dropped my bike about 6 months back when my foot slid on some paint.

    Packed intersection, looking like a dick, regain composure, and try to make it look like I meant to do that... don't think anyone was buying tho.
  8. I felt the back of my GS500 slide a bit going around a right hand corner at a decent angle. It was the most I've had her over and it seemed to coincide with me hitting the white line at the clipping point, all on a dry road. I put it down to the new tyre on the back not being scuffed up enough on the sides combined with the dry white line.
  9. A chicken strip moment.
  10. I'm quite partial to a dry white, myself.

    Yeah, always need to take it easy the new tyres.
  11. You only get so much traction. Secret is to not use it all up at any one time.
  12. And then there are the morons that do this. Usually idiots from the cycling fraternity. I've heard of a few bikes coming to grief on Arthurs Seat after cycling road races.

  13. Different paint
  14. Like I mentioned, I know to stay away from the white paint in the wet. Just wondering how bad it can be into dry. I'll try and take it easy wet or dry, and avoid them more into wet...
  15. Yep, it's those big feck off slabs of holographic paint that are the real problem.

    There should really be restrictions on their use to straight sections - many times I've come across them in totally unnecessary places too. The worst I've found are those placed to close to the entry of roundabouts.

    Always shits me when the usual cretins come out asking for more slippery rubbish on the road in the form of speed limits. If you can't take notice of a speed sign you shouldn't be on the road.

    I think it comes from people who spend their time with their eyes planted at the road 2m in front of their car.
  16. And to answer the question, they're fine, unless they're covered in dust or sand.

    In which case they're probably as bad as when they're wet.
  17. Just ride around em.No ploblem.
    Non issue.
  18. in the dry they aren't too bad.

    I only avoid them in the wet...
  19. a separated white line indicates a motorcycle lane.
    when the line becomes unbroken you must pick either side of it.
  20. I would worry about those big metal plates they put on a road during the day time in between night-shift road works. They look slippery as hell in the rain and they cover a whole lane... Theres dozens along the freeway near me