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White line fever

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scrambles, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Gday all,
    What a $h1tty week to be riding in Sydney eh? Anyway I was talking to a mate who works for a road works crew and he said that it has been unofficially decided that all new road markings (Arrows, ped X'ings etc) will not be painted. Instead they will use that plastic/glass compound crap. Now this may be old news to some of you; but that stuff is banned in nearly all european countries. Why? Because its goddamn dangerous whether its wet or not.
    The mixture does have a small amount of 'grit' in it to help traction, but it is common knowledge (Especially with the boys putting it down) that in about a week all of that gets pushed to the bottom by cars leaving only the glassy surface.
    But then again this is from the people who decided that the only piece of safety wear you are under legal requierment to wear is a helmet.... :mad: :?

  2. well if this can be confirmed then we could do a petition against it?

    *EDIT* Sydney riders could do a petition, don't see victorian riders signatures carrying much weight
  3. i wonder if there is a committe somewhere aimed at coming up with ways to cause more accidents??

    darn stupid idea
  5. 'the white line made me do a burn out as there was no traction officer'

    silver lining to every cloud ehh :wink: :p
  6. Keep us up to date man, if this is happening I think we might have some serious safety issues worth addressing with THE MAN.
  7. Forward your information over to the MCCofNSW please.


    They'll investigate fairly quickly into it.
  8. BTW, even it is just a rumour, let the MCC know about it.

    They have offical and unoffical contacts and get confirmation/denial fairly quickly.

    Just make sure you tell the MCC that it is a rumour :)
  9. I contacted Guy Stanford when this first appeared...
    Probably know more on Monday... :?

    I'll raise this at VMAC as well (for the Vics among us)
  10. OK

    Guy has emailed me his response on this...

  11. We have that stuff here.

    THey use it on pedestrian crossings here, and it's a nightmare, because they're generally on corners, like an onramp.

    Yes, it's slippery. No, it doesn't take long to wear down. Avoid it if you can.
  12. ok, so we got somebody looking after us at least.

    Scary how little safety "can" mean sometimes, the dollar rules all
  13. The subject has been raised at VMAC meetings as well. There are standards that contractors are "supposed" to adhere to. :?
  14. We have that here in WA too and I avoid it like the plague.Slowing down and riding past arrows ect on corners real close to the kerbs is the only way.
    When in the car I have spun (unintentionaly)quiet easily so with that experience it helps me ride better.
    I dont know if paint is worse than thermal as I havent tried it.
  15. Ack, I don't like those over-elevated slippery suckers.

    Related story:

    In my last job I was selling high pressure water blasters.
    I actually did a demonstration for the guy in charge of manufacturing those thermoplastic road markings while he was investigating using water pressure to cut the shapes out of the plastic sheets.

    A 5000psi, 18 litre/min machine cut through slowly but surely.
    If anyone has a spare $8000 [for the base petrol model] and some extra time, they could buy one of these with a Turbo and rip up the markings in their local area :D