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White Leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sitting Bull, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I'm looking into a perforated leather jacket for summer and was thinking white leather would be a cooler option than black in the hot sun. What are peoples experience with white leather as far as ageing goes and it's pros and cons?

  2. Not sure about white,I have red leather and yellow leather jackets.
    The yellow is cooler but the red is cooler.
  3. Hi. I have a alpinestars white an black leather all in one suit that I wear all the time when riding. It still gets hot on sunny days!!!

    As for keeping clean at the minute it's filthy!! I am commuting roughly 100k a day in it Every squashed fly an mark really shows up. I called a leather specialist to see how much for it cleaned an he said between $200-300 as he normally charges $150 for a jacket an same for trousers!

  4. Why are you wearing a full leather suit to commute in ?
  5. No, two piece zipped leathers. I was stinking hot the other day buzzing around town waiting at lights and it was only 22 degrees.
  6. Over dressed for sure,more dangerous than squidding.
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  7. Cos it's all I own!
  8. What's squidding?
  9. Start a thread and ask the question.
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  10. That's what I figured Blab, so I'm thinking some jeans and a perf jacket or even some mesh gear is needed.
  11. Jeans,low cut boots and lightweight jacket is all you need around the burbs.
  12. I'm interested in any mesh vs perf leather opinions. I've got a vented leather jacket but it is pretty bad leather and one panel is pretty ordinary after getting wet a few times (heaps of leather conditioner hasn't fixed it).
  13. Mesh is considerably better in terms of airflow/cooling, the mesh jacket I'm using is not that much worse than just wearing a t-shirt. I actually start feeling cold once the temp gets down into the low 20s, but temp needs to be down below 15 before I start feeling as cold in perforated leather.

    Most mesh jackets/pants though really only seem designed to hold the armour in place and protect in an initial impact. I doubt they'd last too long if you slid down the road for any decent distance, at least not compared to leather.
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  14. I might get mesh down the track for those 30+ days, which is only likely to happen a half dozen times a year here. For summer I was thinking this,
    which also comes in black.
  15. Electrically insulated ?
  16. Just a fixed mesh liner.
    I'm a seventh generation Tasmanian so I'm genetically insulated.
  17. Black or White ?
  18. Not sure, black is cool but white is cooler.
  19. Other way around I think.
  20. Yeah, stuff the white one.