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White Leather Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jawod, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I've been looking for my first leather jacket for a few months now, and I found one that fits perfectly, the new Dainese Santa Monica. My choices are black or white. I like the white one more, but I'm concerned about how long it will stay white for. Has anyone got any white leathers? How hard are they to keep clean?

    I know its not going to stay perfectly white forever, and I wont mind it loosing its shine or aging, I just don't want it to end up being an ugly shade of gray.
  2. Hello Jawod, maybe a bit of an idea of who you are etc would be great.

    But since you asked the question I do NOT have white leathers but there is white on my A* jacket, also red and black. The white and red parts have got stains from exhaust fumes and road crap, so as much as white leathers are cool I reckon they would look pretty sad after a while. Please note I wear my leather jacket every bloody day so regardless of weather.

    My next leather purchase will be all black. :grin:
  3. Sorry, I'm a long time lurker, and forgot to introduce myself. I'm a uni student in Melbourne with about 6 months left of my restricted license and I'm riding everyday.
  4. My leathers are orange, white and black.

    Hides blug splats well

    Well, bugs with orange guts blend in :wink:

    It's a shade of grey now. Bugs stand out like Loz's arse.

    Mind you, it's never been cleaned (wait, when was the last time it rained?).

    Go with the black.. :wink:
  5. haha white... i've got a black shift m1 jacket and i struggle to keep that clean.... but i'm a slob
  6. My jacket's mostly pink with someblack and white. I wear it most days and clean it when it looks too dirty, but mostly just as weather protection.

    Pink = A definite darker shade, but still looks good.
    White = Always takes way longer to clean. Not as sparkly now, but still looks white.
    Black = Never a problem.

    Let's just say I'm glad I didn't buy the white.
  7. Funny I thought about the same thing. The white Santa Monica looks the goods while it's still in the store and pristine. 'tis definitely a nice jacket.

    I was also looking at the red/black one since my bike is all black, so a splash of colour might keep me a bit more visible.

    but after a while i figured hey wat the hell, I got the white one. It may look sorry in a few years, but once it gets like that it'll be hard to care anyways. it's inevitable
  8. MMMMMMM white leather pants :cool:
  9. White hey, well it looks good on some :LOL:

    I'd go with the black, thats what i'm in the process of purchasing, it makes you look more stealth, and cleaner :grin:
  10. My last couple of race suit have been white, sure it gets a little dirty but you'd look like a tossa if your riding gear always looked new I think.

    Go for the Santa Monica, I think it looks great.

    A drunk cobbler once told me that. Apparently it's a trade secret. True. He took me into his workshop to show me, and yep, he had a big bottle of dettol and a heap of white ladies shoes as well as a good selection of horny stilettos. It definitely works.
  12. Just got the jacket in the mail from Belgium today. Ordered it from these guys:


    Big wraps to them as they provide really good service for an online vendor, and they help you get exactly what you're looking for. The prices aren't too shabby either for Dainese gear.

    Got the Santa Monica for about $890 shipped to your door. This is versus an instore price of $1095 from PS (bargained down to $1000)
  13. I agree, white leather looks better when its a bit worn/dirty. I use Upholstery cleaner/carpet cleaner to clean white leathers, but a rider with touring experience can measure your velocity by judging the splatter area of a bug... Crash scars are good for yarns too.
  14. I have a red/white Alpinestars jacket and its quite easy to keep clean using Lexol Leather cleaner and then Lexol Leather conditioner to keep it nice and supple.
  15. Hi guys. I look after your leathers every day. Saddle soap is the best and gentlest way to keep your leathers clean without harsh detergents damaging.(it is a skin after all) .Whilst your leathers are dead skin they still breath and need moisture. I use ZORBEL on my customers leathers but any saddle or leather conditioner is good.
    Ordinary detergents encorage rot in the stitching. Without which you will bear your bum to the ground. :cool:
    Have a nice one
  16. I have the white santa monica, by the end of each week it looks pretty dirty. So i give it a clean and it looks like new..Its pretty much my city jacket. On the weekend I was riding in the country and its got some extreme bug splutter, looks like it may be a bit harder to move.
    Also i crash tested it...it did its job but it tore on the elbow. no big deal.
    a bit of white out evry few days on teh scuffs and u cant even tell.
  17. Haha speaking of trade secrets an re-upholsterer told me the best thing to clean you sofa fabrics etc is Hairspray believe it or not. He took my pen, wrote my name on a piece of seude, spray some schwarzkopff (or how you spell it) hair spray on it and voila, good as new! Couldn't believe my bloody eyes! :shock:
  18. :wink:

    i wonder how she keeps it so clean?