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white furry stuff on engine

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gsxr movistar, May 4, 2007.

  1. how can i get that white furry stuff off engine and stop it coming back??

  2. Stop running over cats and pet rabbits!! :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I didn't think engines grew white furry stuff on them?
  4. white furry stuff??? is it battery acid dripping down or something?
  5. Number of options:
    1. Minor coolant leak will look white and furry when dry. Is it using coolant?
    2. Could very well be alloy bits oxidising. White and furry is what aluminium oxide does look like.
    3. Some of the gixxers were known (at least in england) for oxidising some parts, like bolts, and they kinda went white and furry too. In which case, clean it properly, and make sure that everything that should be painted still is.
    4. Stop jizzing on your bike.
  6. Is Your Bike from New Zealand ?/ or something :p :LOL:
  7. knew id get helpfull advice here.thanx. ](*,)
  8. I think you might need to be a bit more specific about what this 'white furry stuff' is. Post up a pic if you have one..
  9. where metal is usually smooth and shiney ,it is now a dull white colour and looks a rough texture.dont know what it is exactly.its only on front of engine.
  10. If you mean white oxidised alloy, it is never going to look the same again, so first accept that. Then, to get it as good as you can, go buy some CLR from Big W. CLR will attack the oxidisation and remove it, but it will also attack the alloy, so you must keep an eye on it, and rinse it off with copious quantities of water. Done properly, CLR will get it as good as it will now ever get.
  11. CLR is far too aggressive - you should be able to get similar results using a much milder acid like acetic (vingear) or citric (any of those "orange" bathroom cleaners). Once clean and dry make sure you keep it that way, regular spraying with CRC/WD40 will help with that, otherwise the white corrosion will return.
    Edit: Oh and it is possible to return it to it's original condition but only if you're prepared to put in a lot of time and effort polishing the metal.
  12. Yeah, I agree JD. I suggested the CLR because I got the impression it was pretty far gone, but it is probably better to start with something milder first, and only go to the CLR if the corrosion is bad enough to require something that aggressive.
  13. Has it appeared gradually? or rather suddenly?
    Does it rub off with just a damp cloth?

    If suddenly, and it comes off with a cloth it's very possibly dried coolant and you may have a leak in one of your radiator hoses.
  14. one thing to say...


    nuff said.
  15. Ahhh yes!
    "White furry stuff" otherwise known as cobwebs :LOL:
    This can be tackled a number of ways, a powerful hose however those annoying people down at the water board may have s'thing to say abt those bloody restrictions.
    Another solution is insect surface spray, those damn spiders have far too many legs & need to be killed, all of them I tell you! :shock:
    Lastly, RIDE YOUR BIKE DUDE! :p
  16. Your bike has had it, I'll give you $250 for it, parts value.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. give ya 275 i need the parts more lol :roll: