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White Cotton Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Knightrider, May 6, 2005.

  1. A few people have asked why I wear white cotton gloves inside my leather gloves and where I bought them from.

    I wear them to assist in keeping my hands warm as the wind chills my hands through the leather and they also act as a "filler".

    I wear XS C&R gloves and they are too big. The white cotton gloves fill in the gaps and make them more comfortable.

    As for where I bought them, I'm not exactly sure... I "think" I may have bought them from a Kmart Garden store. I have searched Coles and Safeway to no avail.

    I will be going to a Kmart Garden store tomorrow to check if they stock them and if so, buy lots more! I will also have a look in Bunnings, but I do not recall ever seeing them there on previous occasions.

    I shall report back tomorrow upon completion of my search.
  2. Places like RSEA, alert safety, swanston engineering will carry them. I'm sure I got mine from K-Mart of BigW.
  3. Chemists sell them too. I've seen them.

    Hope this helps you.


  4. Yep, done that myself when it gets really cold.

    When it gets really cold and raining, I used to use liner gloves with an attractive pair of pink washing up gloves over them, then with large 'waterproof' gloves over the top. I got the p*ss taken unmercifully at fuel stops, but I was the only one who could still move their fingers after a long ride.

    Ah, nostalgia. Almost makes you want to ride in sleet again..............
  5. I wear navy woollen gloves under my leathers I bought mine from a $2 shop!
  6. I have a pair of thinsulate ones that I got from Kathmandu for a whopping $3.50. They're slightly thicker than the cotton ones are, but do the same job. They're kids ones, not sure if they have them in adult sizes.
  7. Well folks, I found some gloves at the chemist - and these ones have snug wrist bands! They cost a huge sum of $2.00!

    Will check out the others places mentioned above for other varieties. Oh, and the rubber glove idea sounds, umm, interesting..... :D
  8. lol Aust Post provides me with the warmest cold weather gloves I could ever get... they are thinsulate and lether made by Stagg... the only problem is that they do get water loged (but they still keep me warm) and in an accident they would fly off my hands... It is so good of Aust post to provide us with usseless safty gear (DON"T get me started on the boots!)
  9. I got a pair of Alpinestar or are the Dianese gloves that cost me $150.

    Ive ridden in torrential rain for 3 hours and they remained completely dry.

    I've done an Icicle ride and my hands remained nice and toasty.

    Best $150 I 've ever spent.
  10. I heard that sergical gloves inside the leather gloves work best, don't let the wind in. I just got a second pair for winter, Joe Rockets not bad $90 though
  11. Surgical gloves let the cold through but keep your hands dry.

    Used a pair while filling up a car using one of those jiggle hoses the other day and split some fuel on my gloved hand and thought the glove was leaking but it was just the cold working it's way through not the petrol itself.
  12. cricketers wear "inners" inside batting and keeping gloves - sounds like the same sort of thing.
  13. My Joe Rocket gloves are useful on dry 18-degree to 28-degree days, but bloody useless when there's a decent bit of rain or it's winter chilly. Combine the two and I can't feel my hands. Anyone know a place that will let you test their 'waterproof' gloves before you buy them? :p
  14. Be honest......you really use them for on the spot cavity searches :LOL: :p :LOL: