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White chain? Type of chain lube?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. I went and had a look at a CB250 today for sale. One of the things that stood out was the chain was nearly white. I am wondering if this is a special chain lube that causes the chain to turn white or something more sinister?

    Also the bike didn't seem to blow any smoke but after it ran for a few minutes I noticed a light spray of oil on the ground underneath the engine. This has to be a really bad sign yes?

    The bike had done 28,000 Kms and looked to be in average condition. The rubbers were a bit off colour like it had been left outside or something. Stickers up the side of the bike that could have been hiding crash damage?

  2. The chain lube I use turns the chain white - it's like a waxy coating.

    Stickers could definitely be covering crash damage, and oil on the ground isn't a good sign (It's not a British bike.. :LOL: )

    Maybe someone on here from out your direction might offer to go and have a looksee with/for you?
  3. Thanks for your reply. So it most probably is a chain lube of some sort. Still the oil coming out of the engine is very worrying isn't it?
  4. Yeah the brand of lube i have turns white as well i forget the brand.. has boron or something in it, supposed to be good.
  5. Motul Factory Line goes white when it goes on, and has boron in it.

    For road bikes, it's not strictly necessary - it is thinner than the normal motul road stuff, and requires more applications than the normal stuff. Supposed to give you up to +1 rwhp... but so does having the chain less or more tight...

    Anyway, OP's question, yes, it's probably chain lube.
  6. Yeah that's the stuff... only got it cos the bike shop said it was good when i bought my bike!
  7. Belray goes on white too. :)
  8. In regards to the oil on the ground, are you positive it's oil? On my spada I noticed liquid spray being spat on the ground when I started it up but discovered that it was coming from a small (standard) hole in the exhaust muffler (about 2-3mm diameter) and perfectly normal - ie not coming from the engine. In regards to the white chain, I have used Belray lube before and it dries white - nothing to be concerned about (though it's a good idea to get the rear wheel up and inspect for wear).
  9. Hey I never thought about it coming out of the exhaust. It possibly could have been. My dad is a mechanical engineer but he is so busy at the moment at work he can't come and check the bikes out :cry:

    I'm going with my brother to look at a FZR250 tomorrow...