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White Camry, gov plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Climbatize, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Has anyone seen these on the side of the road? Specifically in Melbourne.

    I've seen them 2 times recently. They are a recent model white camry, tinted windows & red government plates. They have a large ariel on the left hand side of the boot. I saw some kind of large instrumentation on the dash also. Anyone seen these or have any idea if they are speed cameras or not? No camera is affixed to the font bumper.. I think.


  2. I've never seen an unmarked police car with government plate, could the dash instrumentation just be a GPS?
  3. wrong section bud, this is bike related section :)
  4. Probably a Sheriff's car.
  5. + 1
    Yeah Climbatize more than likely a Sheriff's car.

    Nothing to worry about unless they start knocking on your door!!!
  6. unrelated but i saw 3 camera cars in a row today, all setup within 20m lol i was thinking wtf.... 3 tickets damn they are getting desperate, but then i saw a dude in hi viz with trainer on his back lol
  7. Sorry goz. Sheriff hey.. makes sense.
  8. Cameras are run by a private company so would not have Gov't plates.

    We talking Red "M" (Vic Gov) plates or Red Z (Fed Gov) plates.

    About 6 weeks ago I spotted 8 cars parked on Mickelham Rd (4 each side) all fitted with speed cameras. I was heading north and just before the first car for those heading south was a small sign with "Speed Camera operator training".

    How hard can it be to park car, attach camera, plug it in, set the speed limit, read book or newspaper, pack up, go home??
  9. Not that hard.. if you have bile running through your veins.

    8 speed cameras? That's bloody unheard of!

    Didn't realise there were two types of red gov plates, but being a Camry i'd doubt the federal gov idea.
  10. The speed camera training occurs regularly on the Sunbury - Lancefield Road northbound, with 4-8 cars often parked with the signs out to advise what's going on.

    The gummint plated car could have a rego identifying camera on the dash, which will run your number through the onboard laptop and ping if it tags any outstanding warrants. Similar to what they've been using in shopping centre car parks with great effect, nabbing $$millions of unpaid fines.
  11. Vic plates with red letters (always starting with M) are state govmunt vehicles.

    In the old days Commonwealth Gov cars had white plates starting with a red Z then 2 black letters followed by 3 numbers, They had C of A instead of Vic or NSW etc. We still refer to pool cars as Z Cars.

    As various groups are corporatised (sold off) they change to normal rego.

    I've noticed recent Z Cars have "Victorian" plates with famous Red Z.