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Whistling noise at high speed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wimoweh, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all my bike was running perfect until I had the chain replaced and bike serviced at a local mechanic. there is a loud whistling sound coming from the bike at speeds above 70 and can be heard more when you pull in the clutch or release the throttle. this noise cannot be heard when the bike is idle and you rev it. in addition there is now a noise which sounds like an air leak on idle. any help would be much appreciated. oh and the bike is a hyo 250r

  2. Been back to the mechanic where you got the job done? Is the mechanic qualified to do work on bikes? Have you checked the slack of the chain? Might be a bit too tight?

    Easiest fix, get a real bike! :)
  3. Lube the chain,O rings whistle when they're dry.
  4. There's your problem!!
  5. Yep, took it back, now he reckons there is a vaccum problem. I believe he is VACC accredited. Manual says chain should play 20-30mm and does that, only thing I found with the chain is that it doesn't align perfectly on both sides of the swing arm.

    and yes I will be getting a real bike come next August!

    did that, still the same

    I knew someone would say this :D

    thanks for all the replies
    still unsure what to do with it. forgot to mention it is out of warranty too
  6. if the chain isn't alligned then thats a big problem especially at the speed it rotates and the fact it relies on lining up with cogs on the sprocket, if it is misalligned it will be increasing the wear significantly. I suggest taking it to another dealership/service centre and get them to adjust your chain, will cost sweet f all, if they even charge you.