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Whistling Battery?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by splitty, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. got off the bike this afternoon and could hear a high pitched whistle coming from inside the bike after removing the side covers and seat found out it was coming from the battery? removed the battery which continued to make the sound for at least another 10 mins then stopped, it was very warm to touch i had been riding for about an hour is the battery stuffed or what any help would be great thanks. bike is a 98 cbr600f and it is a sealed battery.

  2. Sorry bad news Splitty. My guess is the regulator on your bike has failed and the battery is being overcharged at high voltage. The whistling sound is the electrolyte boiling away. The battery is probably stuffed but I would say the regulator is definitely stuffed.

    If you have a multimeter measure the voltage on the battery terminals with the engine reving at a couple of thousand revs, the voltage should be approximately 15 volts, if it is higher then its a regulator problem.

    Regulator issues are a know Honda problem, one of the few problems Hondas have I might add but then I am biased. :)
  3. thanks for that cjvfr i will c if i can get hold of a meter to-morrow and check it out :?
  4. +1 on that
  5. ^^
    wot he said.
    replace the reg/rec now, before your fry other electrical components. well done finding it this early.
  6. What he said as well...
  7. What he said as well...
  8. Does it play requests?
  9. Dixie... apparently.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. at idle the battery is putting out 12.2 & revving at 3 grand it is 13.8
  12. That sounds normal. Don't know what else it would be then.

    How old is the battery?
  13. i don't know :?: ibought the bike about 7 months ago it could be the original :roll:
  14. You may be lucky Splitty it could have been an internal short in the battery. Alternatively it could be an intermittent regulator fault, rarer but not unknown. Does the old battery have enough energy to still crank and start the bike?

    As Envy-t said the charge voltage sounds about right. The charge voltage level is controlled by the regulator sending a voltage back to the rotor of the alternator, known as the field voltage. By changing this voltage it makes the alternator generate higher or lower output voltages as required.

    As one more test you should rev the engine to 5000 revs and test the voltage again. It should NOT go higher than 14.8 volts.

    If the sense voltage to the regulator is low due to an intermittent wiring connection the regulator tells the alternator to increase the output voltage. It may be worth checking you don't have any leads or plugs that go to the regulator that are a bit iffy. Pulling the connector plugs apart and giving them a spray with WD40 may help.
  15. yeah the batterie starts the bike no worries,i will try what you said & see how i go thanks.
  16. What about at 10 grand?

    The whistle will be excess gas escaping from an inadequately sized vent.

    You need to check the reg at a higher engine speed.


    Trevor G

    PS It also could be intermittent at this stage, or just break down under a higher load, hence the need to test at higher revs.
  17. Spot on. I did the exact same thing on my VTR1000. New reg plus some heat sink paste and a new battery were required. Don't ride it any further cause you could have a fire as well, plus battery acid does not get along with the lovely metal bits on your bike.
  18. revving at 5 grand 13.4 :?:
  19. Sorry Splitty the Netrider board has had its own technical difficulties lately so I hadn't followed up on your problem. As Trevor said the regulator may be breaking down at higher rev limits or perhaps when it gets hot. The problem for you is that if you have an intermittent problem the higher charge voltage can do damage to the bike electronics as well as the battery.

    Any more news with this problem?
  20. i got a quote from my local bike shop $600 to fix the problem :shock:
    I am sussing out getting it fixed with the help of a mate that knows a bit about bikes, he said $600 was a bit steep.