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Whiskey Tasting anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. http://www.whiskeyexperience.com.au/booknow.php

    Just thought I'd post this up and see if anyone want to organise a netrider showing....too busy at the moment so I'm passing the baton.


  2. I can do that for you, but what I need to do? I been to the website and registered, I think I booked the one on 16 March.

    So how can I organize to show up as a group?

  3. Currently booked in for March 16th
  4. I guess thats pretty much it but if you invite 3 other friends they give you a gift set thingy as per whats on the home page.

    I guess picking a date and booking online is pretty much all thats required but you might want to think about food after. They have a decent spread of snacks at the start but something to soak up the booze before heading home might be a plan.
  5. If you go back into the website you can Modify your booking and invite friends....seems to be the only way to do a group thing.

  6. Ohh i c, no drama!

    That's will be easy since it will be in the CBD, many choice nearby!


  7. Wouldn't mind trying this, being born in Scotland, I wouldn't say no to a wee dram or two.
  8. I went to the whiskey tasting last night as I am working nightshift next wednesday and wouldn't have been able to make it. That aside It was a good night. Real eye opener. The Wild Turkey Rare Breed (54.3 percent) is enought to singe the nostrils.
    You get two free drink cards straight up when you get there. Then there are 6 different whiskeys to sample when you have been seated. Then you get another drink card when the presenation is over. The presentation was good and so was the whiskey, especially the Bushmills Malt 10 year old. Matt (the host) will ask the group during the presentation how did Wild Turkey get its name. If you answer 'hunting' you might score yourselves a free gift.
    Have fun and enjoy the whiskey.
  9. Im free next wed for this if anyone wants me to hold there hand ? :p

    if im not mistaken isn't St pats day the 17th ?

    hmmm avoid hangovers just stay drunk !!!!!!!

    :LOL: 8) :LOL:
  10. Johnnie walker offer a similer tasting (their journey of taste - unfortunately their website is not working at the moment). I have been 4 times now with various groups and each time had a blast having the opportunity to try 4 single malts, and one blend. ! I will have to look into the whiskey experience one too...
  11. So how many of us will go to the 16 March Whiskey Tasting?

    I will be there, do anyone like to meet up somewhere nearby, then get there together?

    So how many glass of Whiskey we can taste? They are all straight? Then I better practice at home before I go, never try on Straight whiskey before. I might need my friend to pick me up after the tasting. :p

  12. Count me in for the 16/3.

    I've been to both the Johnnie Walker & the Whiskey Experience nights...both were great.

    Yes....the scotch is served straight....so you'd better start practising now Vivien! :LOL:

    There is NO WAY anyone could drive home immediately after one of these evenings....so if we plan to go somewhere afterwards for dinner, expect a late night.


  13. Requires booking, and it's full. There's another one on the 28th in Dandenong :D

  14. Cool!!! So did you booked? as Firefling said it's full already.

  15. Johnny walker or Wild Turkey again?
  16. Both johnnie walker nights and the whiskey experience offer free events for large groups (based on what they say I would be guessing this would need at least 40 people... - http://www.whiskeyexperience.com.au/group.php ). My questions:

    a) Would there be enough interest from netriders to organise a netrider (and friends) whiskey tasting night? (I could guarantee 3 people, so that is 1/12th of the way there)
    b) Where could this be held? (unfortunately, I doubt that a personal house would be accepted - though I may be wrong and could always ask first).

    Thoughts? Could possibly be turned into a netrider fundraiser - to help support Vic/jason in paying for this site (or for another worthwhile charity pledge made on behalf of netriders).

    If someone could offer a suitable venue, I would be happy to contact one of these groups (whiskey experience at the moment as they are the only ones with a working page). Alternatively, I am more than happy to have another netrider member pursue this if they could...
  17. Maybe try to hold it at Milan Hotel (upper floor) on Lygon Street. but need to check out can we "BYO".
  18. The Whiskey Tasting is tomorrow night!!

    Anyone booked on 16 March? Want to meet up somewhere nearby before we go in?

  19. ahhh life can be cruel.... :( have uni wed night and have to dry out liver for St Pats! Otherwise I'd be there with bells on :D :D
  20. Due to work stuff I'm not going to be able to make it tonight so I've got a spare booking, if anyone wants it please PM or email me with you email address and I forward the booking email onto you.