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Whiny speedo

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bravus, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. My Spada has an intermittent whining sound in the speedo, quite loud. The speedo seems to be working, and it doesn't read differently or anything with the noise, but the noise itself is annoying (and a bit worrying). Short of replacing the whole speedo, is there are cure? I'm a bit scared of lubing anything with WD-40 or graphite powder or whatever because I assume the speedo itself works on some kind of clutch arrangement... Anyway, any help would be very welcome.

  2. Must be a female :rofl:
  3. ;) Get a lot with that attitude, do ya? ;)
  4. Knock the baffles out of your pipes. :wink: :LOL:
  5. Your speedo cable is on the way out.
  6. Hope so - cheaper and easier to replace than the speedo itself
  7. are you absolutely sure it is the speedo? noise can occur from heaps of areas on a bike.

    if it is cable operated like most 250's why not take the cable off inpect and grease it? if its frayed then replace i guess... fingers crossed its not the actual speedo.

    as for the female whinning comment im suprised no females have come back with a response...
  8. I guess at least if I take the speedo cable off then take it for a lap I'll know if it's that... except that it's intermittent at the best of times. But yeah, that seems like a good place to start.
  9. if its the speedo cable making the noise you should disconnect the cable from the gauges and apply some oil. good luck
  10. Whilst on the topic of speedos. when riding my Hyo GT250r ive noticed that ALWAYS when keeping up with traffic in constantly riding 10kmh or thereabouts over the limit. Does anyone know how accurate these Hyo digital speedos are? Ive heard heaps about most 250s speedos being out by quite alot in some cases but how accurate are the digital ones on the Hyo?

    I know its easy to find out (get a mate to drive alongside at a set speed) but i really cant be assed doing it. read: keep forgetting.......
  11. its different on a case by case basis.
    it depends on a few things
    1) tyre wear
    2) bike model/make
    3) individual variances within manufacturers

    my old 1987 gpx 750 consisdently ran 12% optimistic (i.e. displaying just under 90 when doing 80) , however my 1996 rf900 runs 5-6% optimistic (so would show 84-85 when doing 80). For what its worth my car (1996 toyota carolla) is a max of 1.5-2km/h down when at an indicated 100.

    I know this because on both bikes i got a rough idea of how out it was by having a gps in my tankbag and doing constant speeds on straights for a 100m or so.