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Whine around 60-70k's

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kereaders, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. My Vstar 650 2010 has a very loud whine that you can hear clearly when your riding along. Shes got 17000k's on her and took her back to where i bought her from the dealer reakons its the clutch causing it and to change the oil im using maybe that MIGHT fix my problem. Any suggestions as to other causes or do you think to change the oil see if that helps.

  2. Can you locate where the whine is coming from, even approximately. Front, back, engine?

    My guess, and that's all it is, is to assume the dealer is really saying "go away".
  3. sounds like its coming from the front but when you pull the clutch in it goes away im thinking about taking the bike to my local shop in town and ask him for a 2nd oppinion on it
  4. So what changes when the clutch is disengaged? The drive to the clutch is removed, the drive to the gearbox is removed. All other things remain the same - engine keeps running, the wheels keep turning, the chain keeps going, as does the part of the gearbox connected to the chain, the countershaft.

    So that leaves the main drive to the clutch, the clutch, the primary shaft and gears, and any gears which freewheel on the countershaft.

    Clutch, maybe. Somewhere in the gearbox including the clutch, definitely.
  5. Yeah the young fella at spreyton motorcycle should be able to sort it out for me and ill send the bill back to where i purchased the old girl from lol
  6. If the whine stops at 70, ride faster
  7. I like my wine with dinner.
  8. The Vstar is a shaft drive from memory, so it can't be the chain. I would try to locate the sound as well as possible. Pulling in the clutch will remove power flow to the rear wheels, so helps to locate the problem as not being in the engine.

    Does it make the same sound in 4th at about 15km/h slower? Because if it is speed specific, I would guess the final transmission needs looking at.

    Engine oil change and final transmission oil change should be reasonably easy, I did my Vstar 1100 last weekend. Try this first and see if anything changes.
  9. If it's going away when you pull the clutch int, then I'd say cam chain is the first suspect.

    It might, however be a normal drive gear frequency (between the crankshaft and clutch)