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Whilst we are cop bashing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Last night or rather this morning, I was attempting to come out of Russell street and turn left into Lonsdale street when I was greeted by stopped traffic for no apparent reason.

    After some shuffling around in my lane (in the patrol car) I realise that the reason for the traffic not moving is because there are 3 cabs that have decided to use the left lane, running all the way around the corner as a make shift cab rank.

    They were double parked and they just didn't give a shit.

    So me being a tad frustrated, changed lanes into the one on my right and executed a left hand turn from the right lane.

    As I enter Lonsdale street I see a TMU vehicle sitting there oblivious to whats going on around them.

    Well I lost it kinda ;)

    I had my window down, I blasted the horn and yelled at the cops "FFS fcuken fix that shit!!!!!"

    All I managed to get was a blank look on the offiers face as if to say "what??"

    Then it dawned on me, the cabs weren't doing anything wrong, they were stationary, had they been speeding however it may have drawn some attention.

    I'm getting more and more frustrated with the stupid rules, stupid drivers and more so stupid cops on our roads.

    I'm starting to see Michael Douglas?? in that movie where the dood just looses it........
  2. Think calming thoughts Vic :wink: :wink:

    Picture a sunny day, a gentle wind wafting across sweeping mountain roads, all cars have been banned from this road it is for motorcyclists only. You are in that Zen patch where bike and rider work in perfect harmony. Ommmmm

  3. police bashing?
    they gave me a stiff-arm once, and i swear i was just standing around (running away) doing nothing wrong :-w ....
    and I got done for assault police :-k
  4. I am trying a new lifestyle, one that doesn't require their prescence. It is working so far.
  5. Yeah, sorrite for you, I've run out of drugs :rofl:
  6. You were in a patrol car ?? Misbehaving again vic?? or working? :?

    :LOL: :LOL: Good movie :wink:
  7. Falling Down

    But yeah, I'm hearing you mate. I'm at the point where just the mention of our useless friends in Blue gets my heartrate up :evil: If you're 'speeding' you're scum of the earth. If you're being an irresponsible roaduser ie: see above, then they don't care. Why? I think because speeding has been drummed into us as being the absolute menace of the roads so they(BI8)/most other road users don't even notice anymore.

    No wonder there are increasing amounts of road rage! People are getting fed up of no indicating, headchecking, tailgating (my pet hate) and selfish driving. They're taking the law into their own hands.

    If it had been me Vic, I'd have told the taxis to move myself. :evil:
  8. Why the option?? :p:p:p
  9. Silly me .. I forgot who I was asking :LOL: :LOL:
  10. i try and avoid driving at almost all costs now, i just can't stand the traffic and d/heads on the roads, at least on the bike i can simply split through it and into my own little piece on the road and enjoy and relax again :)
  11. I will send some over, Vic. Strong ones, with plenty of anti depressant. Sounds like thats what you need.
  12. I'm not depressed :)

    I'm rather happy actually. Just had a great ride, my phone finally synced to my PC after 10 days. LG babeeeeee

    Oh, hang on wait, I got 12 afternoon shifts starting today. On second thoughts, I'll take ya drugs :p
  13. Coming at ya...
  14. DFENS :grin: I love that movie.

    LOL, most people would freak out that you're working 12 days straight. That's security for ya :wink:

    I'm in the same boat, unfortunately in our line of work we have to call up the boys in blue from time to time. Such a load of shit, if I had my own gun and the law backing me up, I'd never call Vicpol.

    Problem is, there are lazy people in every industry. But I think Police should be extremely strict when it comes to that sort of stuff, from my experiances though, they're not.
  15. Me too Vic. I feel like an Atom bomb waiting for critical mass.