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Whilst the schoolgirls were fighting.......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Roarin, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Whilst the schoolgirls were fighting today (& calling names, & scratching & pulling each others hair) I went for a ride. Yes, in the rain & all.

    Now before I hear all the whingeing about not asking anyone else to join me, I did post this ride a week or 2 ago & no one was interested then. So don't sook to me about it. Okay.

    Now I know I've said I don't head off for a spin in the rain, but today I did. Well, technically it wasn't raining as I left (I waited for a break in between the showers) but it didn't take too long before it started. Again. Nothing like a 400 odd km spin in the pouring rain to sharpen up the reflexes. And it was good. Very good. Excellent in fact.

    Well, were did you go?, I here you ask. Started off in Geelong (funny that), as thats where I live & headed west. Off down the deviation to Fyansford & past the old cement works. Nice tight wet downhill twisties to get going with. Turn off to Ceres & through some nice rollercoaster type sweepers. Word has it you can actually catch a bit of air if you nail it just right through a certain corner :LOL: So they tell me.

    Now where was I. Aaah yes. Heading west. Across to Moriac, round the back of the Wurdiboluc reservior & on to Deans marsh. Turn off & head for Birregurra. Now I know that this section is not particularly twisty but it does have a redeeming feature. And that is a lack of traffic. Particularly the type that wants to take your liscence off you if you inadvertently stray over the speed limit. Like about 2 & a half times. But not in the rain. Not that I would advise anyone to do that of course. Being a public road & all. But I could see how it might be possible.

    Turn south & head for Barwon downs & Forrest. Some pretty nice road to be travelled along here. Head for Colac. Yes, I know, I know. If you followed the highway its only about 70 kms. My way is about 130. But if you ever happen to ride with me one day I bet I know which way you'll like the best :D Trust me.

    Fill up & yarn to the nice young -well youngish (I think I must be getting older) servo attendant. "Thought it was supposed to only be showers" says I. "Someone said they thought it was sleeting earlier" says she. Certainly feels cold enough for it. Onwards we go. Heading for Carlisle river. What a hoot. Pouring rain & all.

    At about this point I realise I have relaxed & can feel every little squirm & slip from the tyres. Gently rolling on & off the throttle as I carve my way through the corners. Not using the brakes but backshifting & gently easing out the clutch as I tip in to the tighter corners & then gently rolling on the power as I exit. At quite a fair margin over the posted speed. Smooth as you like. Hell this is fun. Really really good fun. Never enjoyed riding in the wet this much before. Certainly helps to have the road to yourself & no one to break your concentration.

    A short section of gravel to conquer & I'm off again. Heading for Simpson. Turn South & on to Princetown. A real nice mix of sweepers linking up to tighter sections as I swoop my way down towards the coast. Crikey its getting windy. The Southern ocean is whitecaps for as far as you can see. Not blue but grey & angry looking.

    Now to all those people that think the Great ocean road ends at Apollo bay I have got news for you. To my mind the best part of it is from Princetown back to Lavers hill. It is a really really good bit of road. Constant 70km/hr marked corners for a start till you start the climb from the coast up towards Lavers hill. At which point it drops back to 30km marked corners. Then slowly opens up to 50 & 60km/hr corners. Like I said -really good fun. If thats what does it for you. It does it for me let me tell you :LOL:

    Fill up in Lavers hill & yarn to a couple of locals standing around about the price of petrol. "Your bike might be cheaper to run but I couldn't do without my heater & windscreen wipers" remarks one of them. Only a motorcyclist would understand.

    One of my favourite bits of road is where you drop down from the hills & break out into dairy farm land just north of Glenaire. About 15kms of nice tight corners with short straights between them. You can see a corner or 2 ahead & use a bit more of the road along this section. Like I said -really good fun.

    If it was raining beforehand, then now it was absolutely bucketing down. The run through to Apollo bay was interesting to say the least. Small rivers are running accross the road now. The wind is whipping the water up into mini tornadoes as I splash my way along. Passing cars left right & centre so I don't have to follow in their spray.

    Now in all my years of riding I still have not found a tyre or technique that can deal with those shiny glassy looking spots on a wet road. If anyone else has then by all means let me know. About the only thing I have found that works is to just relax as you shoot about 6 inches sideways & try & gather it all up before you end up in the scrub. Or wherever the bike decides it wants to head. Don't worry too much if you don't relax as this all happens, because if you look closely at the seat on my bike you can see an imprint of my sphincter (I think thats the politically correct way of saying it) from more than one of these encounters. And I haven't crashed yet. From the shiny spots anyway.

    From Apollo bay through to Lorne was quite exciting. The wind was really howling around the cliffs close to the sea & on a couple of occasions literally pushed the bike about 3 feet sideways. I kid you not. Certainly grabbed the attention :shock: Headed inland from Lorne through to Deans marsh.

    Stopped for a coffee & vanilla slice at the Cafe there. Can highly recommend it. Could be something to do with the wood stove burning in the corner though. Or the attractive female staff. Who knows. Don't take my word for it. Have a look for yourself. Oh thats right, the Princes Highway Between Melbourne & Geelong stands in your way. Silly me.

    So next time a rainy day happens -don't just sit at your computer & call each other names. Get out & go for a ride. You might even enjoy it. And I might even ask if anyone else wants to come along with myself. You never know your luck. Cheers,

  2. I rode from Footascray Moite to Sassafrass for a pie and some scones and jam and a nice pot of tea (yes yes, very hard-core biker stuff i know ;) ). Then had the pleasure of riding back in 6 degree freezing rain. All in all, totally worth it. I justified the whole exercise as a good way to scub in the new rear tyre which I did quite nicely on the Mountain Hwy, yay!
  3. ...and then follows some GREAT stuff, ta muchly for a superb read !! :D

    Shhh, DON'T tell 'em !! :evil: :D
    The bling-section STOPS at Apollo Bay !!
    (Maaaate, where else to show off and discuss $3000 leathers/ $1500 helmets/ $400 gloves while sipping mochaciatolattes for 3 hours? )
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Naaah, there is NO road after that, honest :) :)
    :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Hmmm. Yes, I do have a very fertile imagination don't I glitch :D Nothing to see at all down there. I made it all up. Hehehe :wink:
  5. hey roarin, have you ridden the road the heads inland from Lavers Hill? I got lost there heading east at Christmas and had to ride this 12 km section of terrible dirt road, but then it came out onto some magnificent roads up in the mountains and I rode south again and came back out onto the GOR at Skenes Creek. It was raining that day too, but the roads up in the mountains there were fabulous, even in the wet.
  6. As a matter of fact RC, I have indeed ridden that road. Also in the wet. Aboard my BMW K100rs. Nearly dropped it about 3 times in fact. Serves me right for ignoring the "Road closed due to the weather" signs I guess. But I agree, there are some really good roads if you venture off the GOR into the Otway ranges. :D :D
  7. I rode too, from Clayton all the way to Sandown (5 mins down the road :p :p). Watched the races, and came home in the rain while all the hotted up cars were stuck in traffic :twisted:
  8. PPfftttt, I watched sandown in the comfort of my couch and my central heating.

    I have many vodkas and Grolsch beers, some corn chips and dim sims.

    Now excuse me whilst I head back to the couch to watch Alonso take the world championship at spa francorchamps
  9. I went for a ride!
    St Andrews to Kinglake and stopped for fuel at a place that had driveway service!
    Kinglake to Toolangi, Toolangi to Heallesville via Chum cr rd, then back through Myers cr rd to Toolangi, then to Kinglake west, Kinglake west to Flowerdale, Broadford, then home to Craigieburn.

    It was all so much fun that I didn't want to stop for coffee!