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While in the corner I buckle .. Wat do?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by squidman, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hey I just started riding for roughly a week now, riding in traffic with no problems, always giving my self space incase the person infront suddenly stops and all the rest of it, but while in a corner if i seee that im going to go over a small/medium pothole on the road i buckle and go straight back up .. would anything happen if i go over the pothole while im in the lean, like the front wheel sliding out and i go sliding? lol

    I live in Mt Druitt so the roads here are shit, srs

    Also any cornering tips for the noobie is apreciated!

  2. on a lean, avoid loose crap like gravel, general litter that might have your wheel slide out from under you, pot holes? fark avoid them too!!
  3. You need to start learning how to open your line or close it down tighter when required. There will often be occasions when there will be something on the optimum cornering line that you will need to avoid. Learn to pick up and go outside it or tuck in tighter and go under it.

    If you can't avoid it then the more upright the better travel you will have in your suspension.

    If you haven't read Rob's Cornering threads then spend some time and do so, as your experience increases you will have more options at your command. :) Good Luck.
  4. Oi! Don't scare the $h!t out of him while he's new to learning.! :)

    1) There are multiple threads on this forum that are fantastic re: learning how to corner: -
    The Noob 101 - Noob 104 are PERFECT for learning the subtle art of cornering

    2) Chances are, if you go into a pothole while leaned over, NOTHING will happen. Potholes are a fact of life. If every little pothole sent riders on their @$$, the intersections would be littered with them.

    Trust the Research & Development that has gone into it.
    TRUST that it WANTS to stay upright and go straight.

    The only piece of advice I have about rough surface (e.g. potholes) whether they be in a corner or not is:
    - Do Not Fight The Bike!
    Don't tense up. Don't get the DeathGrip.
    Just rellllaaaxxxxxxx.

    It'll take care of itself.

    I know that sounds counterintuitive and daunting now, but the more relaxed, loose and smooth you are, the better the bike will take care of you, and the more you'll enjoy it.
  5. For pot-holes, the best strategy is to see them early and if you must avoid them (most are harmless), make a decisive move to one side or the other while continuing at a steady speed. Sitting up is not a generally a good idea, with the very occasional exception of loose gravel.

    Edit: yeah, check the Noob threads.
  6. Stay down. I doubt that you are actually on much of a lean angle, so let the suspension do it's thing.
    Ideally you must learn to adjust your line, but you won't have developed that skill yet.

    If you keep standing the bike up, you will eventually become a hood ornament. Stop it!
  7. What he said
  8. Search target fixation my friend ..and look through the corner
  9. At the moment your bike can outride you and your job is not to interfere too much and just let it do its job.

    With only a week experience, you will be apprehensive about this and no doubt lots of other things. In most cases the real problem will be you. You will worry and that will make you tense and inevitably do everything the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

    Try to relax and enjoy the ride. The good news is that with practice you will stop worrying as much and you will get better.
  10. squidman i spend alotta the time in the ghetto(mt druitt) as i grew up round letho area..if you wanna catch u- crap..just realised it's pointless stating this for now..i still forget i've got a cast on =/ ...point is man...dont stress it...even for mt druitt roads...i throw my gpx around pretty hard on corners...

    perhaps best advice as a fellow newbie is to take it slow(40-50ks or so) over some smallish potholes just to get yourself used to it..then slowly build up from there...most off-putting thing for me is the big gouge lines in the road...alot of which you see on the m4 in left lane which i presume is due to trucks after they've blown a tyre
  11. Whenever you ready to ride let me know, I got a PM from another member whos in our area thats keen for a ride aswell.
    Yeah i guess im gonna have to do that and take it each corner abit slower incase i go over another hole just to build up my confidence, man right now i wouldnt jump on the M4 if you paid me, i get tense going 80km on the highway .. LOL
  12. Damn those demon bells!
  13. sounds like a plan man although it'll be abit of a wait...broken ankle i picked up ty to f'n traffic coming home from jobsite in the cbd - might be a idea for you to do a run upto springwood/yellowrock lookout...if your so inclined as to push the limits of your bike to any extent i've had some fun on that little run ...just remember...lean into the bike if the wind starts to pick you up and steer you (i had to learn this the hard way by getting blown from left hand wheel track to right near the centre white line before huggin the bike & pullin back in on a long winding left turn)

    tried getting you a google map of it...but alas - i'm hopeless, basically head towards penrith...off at mulgoa road exit...turn right onto mulgoa road...And just...go fkn straight ...for about 20km's until you see a left turn for springwood/katoomba and turn there n' follow that up (just before you reach yellow rock lookout there's a small series of hairpins/twistys.)
  14. As soon as I get abit more confidence on the bike ill check out that road, yeah no rush with the cast hopefully ill have more confidence on my bike when your all set to go, thanks man
  15. man more power to you...cannot stress that enough...as it's stated over & over again on here - Ride your own ride.
  16. Its actually more benefitial to relax yourself when you hit potholes, you wont be bashing the fuel tank with your nuts whilst bucking around like your riding a bull. If you relax your body you will absorb alot of the bumps and not transfer it through the handlebars to the front wheel. Unless your cornering hard going over a small pothole cornering is no different in feel than going over one upright. Just a little bumping midcorner. About the only time i get forceful with the handlebars is if i heat a pavement seal mid corner, i dont try forcemyself out of the rut, more so just keep it on the line i want.

    I sterilized myself many a time on my old GS500 by going stiff through bumpy corners. Coupled with the already bottomed out suspension it would have looked funny as hell.
  17. Lol that was me that messaged ya :p.............

    Take your corners within your capabilities, relax and just try to hit the right lines, try to be smooth and not rush your braking...........after a while you get into a groove, gets easier after that ;)

    As a road, M4 is easy.......................its the dull cagers using it that scares me lol. Dont trust any of them especially before they had their coffee in the morning or after work. I rode with Mav when I was on my Ls, going to Homebush I counted something like 4 close calls.