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Which would you get?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Late Model VW Golf R32

    2 vote(s)
  2. Late Model Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

    2 vote(s)
  3. Late Model or possibly new Toyota 86

    8 vote(s)
  1. For shits and giggles, which would you pick and why (or something comparative)?

    A late model VW Golf R32 - Link to example - Reasons why I like it is because they are quick and have class. Reasons why I dislike it is because servicing costs would be through the roof I imagine and as much as I like European cars I just think that they are not ideally suited to Australia's climate.


    A late model Mitsubishi Lancer Evo - Link to example -Always just liked them, they are a car that I always just respected, against, they're Mitsubishi.


    A late model/new Toyota 86 - Link to Example - For - Toyota, fun, Toyota, fun etc. Against - Very small rear seat.

    History behind question is:

    Next year I anticipate selling the commodore and getting a Toyota Prado as the family car, then in a few years time I anticipate/hope to be able to get a decent second car for myself (along with a better bike). So second car doesn't have to be a family car but it does need to have the capability of holding more then 2 people just incase (hence the Toyota 86 just squeezes in). So I figure may as well get something I like or would enjoy. As said before, this is just for shits and giggles at this stage to help me decide which one I prefer.

    Note - all reasons etc are IMO so if you do not agree, bad luck.
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    86. Love my Toyota's, as long as they have soul (eg. not a beige camry).

    Edit. Well Camry's and Aurion's have their uses. Toyota has used the same bell housing bolt pattern since the 80's and the V6's bolt up to the I4 transmissions.
  3. Golf R32 was a great car. Actually rides better than most small cars and is tough. Finish is in another league to the japs and Koreans. They made a great sound.
    They are heavy, understeer a lot...aka 4wd and the feeling through the wheel is not the best golf make. Service is a joke at VW. But anyone can do them. Earlier dsg boxes were not great and lots of clunking with the whole drivetrain. The four pot was always the better handler....and with a little tuning can smash the R32 in every way except sound.

    The Evo's are brilliant. Boring at batshit unless your getting right up them and build quality is a joke. They rattle to bits in no time, because the ride is crap and from the inside your driving a 20 thousand dollar piece of shit.

    The only thing a FWD cant do now is drift for as long as a rear wheel drive. Lift off oversteer is a piece of cake with them and the fronts drive you out.
    For mine you are in the old M3 price bracket. Still one of the best cars ever made. And with 20 grand to sprare you can have a beast that revs to nine grand and puts out somewhere between 370rwkw to 450 rwkw...... That equates to 0 - 100 in 4 seconds or less if you can get the power down..... That's supercar territory for under fifty grand all up. One is pushing low tens for the QTR and he reckons when sorted it might get into the nines.... That is a second quicker than a Beemer superbike
  4. Id go r32 or the newer R, they just sound orgasmic, 32 in particular. The 86 really is a bit low on torque. The evo would be great but I suspect maintenance will be dearer than the golf. If you were to go evo, personal preference would be the vi for totally balls out maniac.
  5. VW - nice but expensive to keep on the road not like the old bettles
    Lancers - usually thrashed even the non pimped ones
    Toyota - definitely first choice but i would get a proven celica over a late model 86, that said, thats what i have lol
  6. FD Rx7. Cream them all without raising a sweat.
  7. Rx7 are still one if the best looking sports cars around (no jd I don't care that you don't consider it a sports car). Pricey though, highest maintenance of the lot and that's before the engine goes bang. Again. And again.
  8. Considering the FD was penned in 1992, it still looks just as good today if not better than many cars today. It was the car that scared Porsche, it was punching well above it's weight.
    Sports car? 100% undeniable it is one.
    Pricey? Can be had for mid teens for a tatty one, so not expensive at all.
    Reliability? No real issue if left alone or not pushed to it's limit, just like any modified vehicle. If you're not mechnically minded and have a good ability to understand the rotary engine, it's best you don't own one.
    We've had four turbo rotary cars in the last 15+ years and there'll probably be more.
  9. Loved the series three....FD? with the twin sequential turbo's. Great looking car and handled very well. Think they got about 4 to 6 mpg when tuned and having a go
  10. Mid teens for a car that's pushing 20 years old is pricey. At last check I think the decent ones were in excess of 40g. On the same token, finding one that is still basically stock will be a challenge.

    Watched one at oran park few years back, sun was going down and it was battling for first with an evo 7, just a short sprint race but they were nearly half a lap ahead of third by the end. One of the best races I've watched IMO.
  11. I'd be looking at a later model BMW Z3 (with the six). I had written them off as a "Hairdresser's Sportscar", but after having a ride in one, I was impessed with the overall package given the reasonable used prices at the time. The 4 cyl was sort of too little engine for the rest of the car (but was OK - probably fine for posers), but the different capacity sixes went a good bit harder.

    Not so passenger friendly though...
  12. i dunno... depends on many variables. I got my MR2 when i was looking for an evo 3 RS... all good cars... but i reckon the evo or 86 would be better long term.... the golf is a good car but it's still just a golf witha big engine.
  13. What about the Subaru version of the 86 the BRZ
  14. isn't it a but load more money?
  15. For some more time wasting at work I done an online quote for all three cars full insurance. All the same details and all through AAMI and this is the yearly premium for myself.

    2012 86 GTS - $1032
    MY11 2010 EVO - $1207
    09 R32 - $856
  16. My ex had a Z3 4 cyl Z3 that I drove often.
    Handles exceptionally well, cruises up high exceptionally well but totally gutless starting off and down low - frustratingly so given how good it was cruising.
  17. Yeh but they will give you 3 years free servicing
  18. I'd much Prefer the cheaper price then the free servicing.
  19. 40k, no way. Bare in mind it's a brilliant sports car. An e36 m3 is mid teens to high twenties for roughly the same vintage car.
  20. Will have to check again then. Could be thinking of an up-specced model.