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Which would you choose?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Mar 16, 2015.


Which would you take?

Poll closed Apr 5, 2015.
  1. Three month suspension

  2. Twelve month good behaviour

  1. If you lost all your points which would you get?

    Just curious.

    Vote now.

  2. Voted 12 month good behaviour as losing my license simply isn't an option.
  3. as above
  4. ^^What they said.
  5. I took 3 months and just drove real carefully
  6. If I lost all my points I would have a clean licence.
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  7. I'd go for the 12 months good behaviour. However, if I was careless enough to lose all my points, I might be too careless to behave myself for 12 months. Having, by good luck and a certain amount of good judgement, managed to lose a grand total of one point in 30 years, it's not a situation of which I have direct experience.
  8. Yeh I think you're the only person who got that too
  9. You start at 0 and gain demerit points. But that's not the point, I'd agree with the 12 month good behaviour.
  10. ^^^ what they said 12 mths
  11. I've done it. Took the 12 months.
  12. If it was just the three months... but it's also the serious conviction on your record for the rest of your life, which affects the way other offenses are viewed, the way insurers treat you and some employment situations. Loss of license haunts you.
  13. I've voted for the "good behaviour", but it would depend on the timing.

    If it happened to coincide with a planned three months in Greece and I already had a current IDP.........
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    If, and it's a big if, I was in that situation I would take the 12 months good behaviour.

    I have been driving for 33 years, riding for 19 years and in that time have lost 3 points, and that was for a dodgy neg driving - long(ish) story below.

    December 4th 2001 I was driving from Wagga to Greenacre for work. I was in a queue at the toll booth on the M5. The person in front moved forward, I took my foot off the brake, looked down, looked up and rolled maybe 4ft in to the car in front. We pulled over to the side and exchanged details. I thought nothing more of it.

    2 weeks later I get a phone call from the local cops asking me to go in for an interview re and accident I had been involved in.

    So down to the cop shop I went. In to the interview room I went and the conversation went something like

    Me: "So what's this all about".
    PC: "Well it's quite serious you have a number of charges pending"
    Me: "What? You're joking right. Tony (I mate who is a Senior Sergeant) put you up to this didn't he, very funny"
    PC: "No, it's not a joke. Depending on this interview you may be charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render assistance, failure to leave your detail, failure to call an ambulance and negligent driving"
    Me: "Wow Really? All that from a small fender bender where the damage amounted to no more than a broken number plate surround. Now I know it's joke".
    PC: "No joke sir.."
    Me: "Ok lets start with the failing to leave my details. How did you know to ring me at my home address?"
    PC: "The other party got the registration of your vehicle".
    Me: "And you got my address from that? I don't think so. It was a company car, registered to our head office in Laverton Melbourne. The only way you could have gotten my home phone number is if I'd left my licence details with them or given them my home phone number, which would kind of means I'd left my details with them. It also means I didn't leave the scene of an accident. What's that leave us with?"
    PC: "Oh umm. Let me see. Um you didn't call an ambulance or render assistance"
    Me: "Why would I no one was injured in the accident"
    PC: "The female driver was injured, injured back and neck"
    Me: "I don't think so. The woman was in the passenger seat and was already wearing a neck brace. She told me she her husband was driving her to the doctors for a check up. Plus if her back was injured how did she get out of the car, bend over to lean on the boot, and write (pulling piece of paper out of my wallet) this out?"
    PC: "Oh I see...."
    Me: "And I'm sure the CCTV cameras would have caught it all anyway. What are we left with now?"
    PC: "I think that just leaves the negligent driving. There's nothing I can do about that, sorry"
    Me: "Fair enough, what's next?"
    PC: "Based on this discussion I will be recommending we press charges against the other party for numerous things, not the least of which is making false statements to police. I'd keep that piece of paper for a few years though. In fact have you got a solicitor, give it to them".
    Me: "Anything else?".
    PC: "No, that's it. Sorry for the trouble sir. Have a nice night. Merry Christmas"
    Me; "Thanks. And you too".
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  15. I'd go with 12 months, not that I have any intentions of ever getting close enough to need the choice.
    I've done some silly things early on and I've been fortunate enough to have come out clean on all accounts.. I feel I've learnt from those experiences and am better for it.

    It would also depend on how they were lost.. but that's another discussion.
  16. VC, did you get a letter in the mail recently?

    A long time ago when I was young and foolish (now I'm old and foolish, but much better sniffing out the cops).

    I did the 12months on 2 points but then got done for a sustained loss of traction which saw me doing 6months (double the original suspension) with only a month left on my good behaviour.
  17. Haven't got the letter yet, but after a couple of performance awards I am one small slip away.

    So it came to mind. I thought it might be interesting topic.
  18. If the performance appreciation certificate does arrive, what will you go for?
  19. No it's running out of points only. Up to 10 of 13.

    Havent been that close ever.