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Which winter glove?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by STORM_BOY, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys! My current winter gloves are an Alpinestars Jet Road GTX. On a morning less than 10 degrees, they aren't much chop. Bouught some Dri Rider inners, and under about 8 degrees, they aren't effective at all. Any suggestions? Don't want to buy heated handgrips for this bike, as it will be sold later in the year. Look forward to your opinion.

  2. Cheers! I'll keep them in mind.
  3. Black Ice

    don't know the manufacturer, just keep me very warm

  4. You know if the insulation in your gloves is too good, it stops the warmth from your heated grips - strange but true.
  5. +1 - another nice point for the helds btw ;)

    wait I mean no no, buy my old gloves!!
  6. Dainese Jericho..
  7. I've got some thinsulate Hipora gloves that are shocking. Despite being bulky and hard to get into, they don't really do all that much.

    Good thread - I'm in the same boat as you livetoride. Keep the suggestions coming. Holding off going the heated handgrips route, although my last few rides have me nearly rolling over and shelling out the cash.
  8. I have Rjays Icelord, seem good so far, but I haven't ridden in really freezing temps.
  9. I've got Dainese Jerico gloves also. I do find tho' that 20 minutes or so into my commute, especially in this cold Melbourne weather that my fingers start to get cold. At least I can still move them tho'. The Gore-tex surface takes a bit of work to dry out also when it gets wet. Edit- regardless of the wet weather tho' my hands still keep dry- it's just getting a damp glove on ain't the funnest experience.
  10. REV'IT Alaska.. just upgraded for this winter, great gloves.. although a little on the thick side
  11. Cheers richierich. I have the same problen with my Alpinestars and Melbournes winter. Thanks for the feedback.
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  12. I don't think there's too much short of an addition heat source to keep that Melbourne winter out of your glove. So long as you can still move your fingers is the important thing
  13. Also in the same boat for winter gloves.
    I have tried many and they all seem to fail miserably at being waterproof.
    Once they are wet and your moving it gets cold quick.... even in western Brisbane.
  14. I normally wear merino wool (Ice Breaker brand) inner gloves under the winter gloves and that's toasty warm for me (Melbourne winters) so pretty happy with the purchase.

    I'd tried Kathmandu polypro inner gloves but on longer rides, they are useless whereas the Ice Breaker ones are fantastic. A bit steep price wise but worth their price tag.

    If you're in the market for new gloves, check Bike Gear Warehouse - they're having good sales ATM.

    Hope this helps. If you need more info, let me know. I bought Ice Breaker inner gloves first and loved them so much, that I went back and bought Balaclava, long sleeve crew neck t-shirt and (just recently) the neck warmer. Awesome quality. Just love their products.

    Check HERE, if you're interested. (y)
  15. I purchased a pair of Joe Rocket Nitrogen gloves to have as my winter gloves. They are pretty good, I'd give em 8 out of 10.

    I bought them from Bike Gear Warehouse ebay store, $50 inc shipping - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Joe-Rock...ng_Merchandise_Media&var=&hash=item8bb5a450dd

    Good glove for the low price. insulation, gel and waterproof. The only fault I have for them is the inner lining which is fabric, is not attached to the outer lining, so when you take your fingers out you have to do it slow or pinch the lining from the outside to stop the inner lining from moving out of place. Keeps my hands warm down to about 5 degrees temps colder than that that... not much help.
  16. I bought a pair of the Dainese Jerico's last week after comparing extensively online.

    Revzilla's Winter Glove Guide on YouTube rated these the highest of all tested.

    See also Revzilla's more detailed Jerico Review .

    In terms of how I've found them over the last week; They're somewhat cumbersome to put on, being a full gauntlet style glove. They're more padded than I expected which means less sensitivity for use of brake/clutch levers and general controls, although I think I'll get used to this.
    The last few Sydney mornings have been sub 8 degrees and like richie I've found that towards the end of my 35min commute my fingers are feeling a little cool although very manageable and not too cold.

    They seem to RRP in Aus stores for around $250. I got them from motoinn.com for $170 including DHL express shipping which arrived within 4 business days from Spain!

    Hope this helps.
  17. Thanks guys! Really appreciate all of your opinions on this matter. I'll do some research on your suggestions and hopefully resolve my problem. Thanks again!
  18. When i went on my himalayan bike ride, i bought some silk gloves to line my exist gloves with.

    Worked a treat, with the added bonus that i could put wet gloves back on!

    Somehow, i cant get my fingers in wet gloves without the liners bunching up.
    For the $3 or so i paid for em, they have been in constant use for the past 3 years.

    Nothing beats layers
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