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Which way do you turn?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Teamsherman, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Left

    49 vote(s)
  2. Right

    7 vote(s)
  3. Either, I'm ambi-turnstrous!

    16 vote(s)
  4. None, I don't ride a bike, why am I even here?

    3 vote(s)
  1. Hello folks,

    This is not a piss-take thread, im serious in the subject im about to type.

    Ive been trying to critique my own riding as of late as im very near upgrading to a bigger bike as my licence becomes unrestricted this friday (Woooohoooooo!!!) and Ive found that for me, my favourite direction to turn is left. For some reason, i find turning right in roundabouts, normal right angle turns and even nice long sweepers is a very uncomfortable/un-natural feeling for me.

    When it comes to turning left however, i can turn really well in any situation and it feels very normal to be turning left!!

    Can anyone else relate to me in the fact you have a favourite direction to turn? Or am i just a wierd crappy rider????
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  2. Lol strangely I enjoy going right..... Dunno why, also my right turns seems to be smoother..
  3. When I was a learner I felt more comfortable with right hand turns, bends etc. Probably because I was I was always consciously trying to start wide and finish tight, leaving me a little conservative with a wide entry into a lefty bendy. In time both start to feel natural with practice.
  4. Most people seem to have a favoured side, mine's left.
  5. Your right brain is more in tune than your left brain, or it may be a testicle imbalance. Either way, practice the right turns till they feel natural would seem the thing to do, but an expert may offer a different view.
  6. I also prefer left turns, but then I've also had cause to consider right turns as less safe ie looking at oncoming traffic with my head too close to the line - which is my own fault for picking a bad line at the time - as well as feeling there is less run off area if I mess up thanks to the armaco and cliff drop being closer if I slide.
    It's a head game. If you turn worse one way then you just need to practice it till it becomes natural.
  7. When you turn right you are pushing (counter steering) with the same hand you use for the throttle. So there is an added complication. Also, due to the crown on roads, right bends are often off camber.

    Or you dress to the left.
  8. Wouldn't that make sliding off the left side of the seat REALLY uncomfortable?
  9. I've heard the majority prefer lefts, I know I do.
  10. I'm a lefty.
    With left turns I can keep my right foot on the rear brake and trail if needed. It's a reassurance thing for me. Right turns will mean the ball of the foot on the peg and no brakes...it's a theory.
  11. Not sure it's a riding specific query or quandary. For example some goalkeepers often favour diving one way and compensate by covering more of their weaker side. I'm not sure where their testicles sit in the equation though.
  12. Don't feel weird about it most people have a favourite side. I don't seem to have a favourite side and that's a hell of a lot more weird in the world of riding. I'm equally retarded turning left or right.
  13. Hmmm ... an ambiturn!
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  14. I think it's a mental thing.
    Left turns have......
    Road camber usually better
    More room to run wide on exit
    Right turns have......
    off camber surface
    No room to run wide on exit
    Just my 2c
  15. I find it easier to scrape the pegs on right turns than left ones, but don't really have a preference in general. In the country I prefer rights because if I overshoot slightly I end up in a paddock, but lefts put me under the truck coming the other way. Fcuking highways.
  16. I prefer lefts. Left turns in traffic you don't have to worry about crossing the oncoming lane, and left corners on the open road you don't have to start near the gutter for a good line.
  17. I prefer lefts and I am right handed. Always have preferred lefts, even as a kid on dirt bikes.
    Every front end lose has been on a right and every break and gouge big enough for stiches has been on my right
  18. I prefer left turns also.
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    Cheers guys!

    Funny thing is I find turning/drifting easier in a car to the right!!!

    What's this "trailing" of the rear brake and what does it do to help?

    I find I use the rear through most corners aswell, but don't really know what it's benefit is.
  20. Possibility is when you stop at the lights and you're in the habit of using your left down on the ground and your right foot on the brake; you may find that you're also offset in your seat; the when you take off you remain slightly offset to the left.