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Which tyres...?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Yes, its another which tyre is right for me question, which i realise straight up its extremely dependant on riding style, weight on the bike, road surface, all that...

    Im after the opinion of people who have used the tyres in the list below on either the same or similar style of bike in what id call general riding - some commuting, some two up, some solo twisties riding...

    Its a 2009 Triumph Sprint ST.
    Stock tyre sizes are front 120/70x17, rear 180/55x17.

    Based on reviews elsewhere, im rather spoilt for choice between 3 sets that meet my general criteria of good in all weathers, good wear characteristics, and good kms in general riding...

    Michelin Power Pure.
    Avon Storm ST.
    Metzler Roadtec Z6.

    All these come in between $450 and $550 for a pair.

    The power pures are the lightest tyre, and seem the best for the dual compound setup ive read about so far as a wide soft compound on the tyres shoulders.
    The storm sts are reportedly the best wearing, at 12000km from a front and 6000+ from a rear with plenty of hard riding - far and above the best distance.
    Z6s are somewhere between those two from what i understand of it, and ive experienced how good they are on the old boys beamer in the wet heading down to wisemans ferry.

  2. Dont forget Dumlop Q2's, on sale around the place for $399 a set.. Pretty impressed with mine so far, on and off the track..
  3. For a sports tourer I would also add Dunlop Roadsmarts to the short list. Maybe even Sportsmarts.

    I think the Pures are a lot more sports oriented than your other choices - if you're not tracking it, maybe look at Road 3s?
  4. I can only add what works best for me; I have a new Bridgestone BT-016 on the front (and loving it) and a BT-021 on the rear.
  5. Cheers sammy, Q2's eh, didnt see them in any reviews of tyres on a sprint ST so will search specifically. You may be right on the power pures - they are more on the sports side then the weigh carrying side.
    titus, no worries ill check out the roadsmart but i think i read a few bad things about how they handle on the front of the ST, though the reviewer admits it would likely be better if the suspension was dialled in a little more.
    Hornet ive heard the 021 is no good on the trumpet in a few reviews, but the 016s are great - though wear out really really fast.

    Reading even more today to pass the time at work, storm st's seem the pick.
  6. Ive got the Z6's on my GS500 and they do quite well. Good in the wet. Hard, sport riding though they do show their weakness, nothing like sports tyres but that can be expected.
    Since I'm only riding a 500 YMMV so I won't go into how they wear but so far has been fine.
  7. Thunking the Trumpy and the road where you are now would see the PP's die an early death.
    There so light because they are so thin. And soft.
    Q2's would be good. I like them. A sports tyre so low K's and easily punctured
    Both the Avon and Metz are good tyres for the road and have decent K life.
  8. + 1 for the Road 3s. Feels 10 times better than the stock Dunlops I had on before - (Sportsmax or something like that)
  9. no, those are really bad tyres.

    i would consider metzeller m3 or m5. not sure which of the two for your bike. same tyre basically though. they are a great allround tyre that can do everything on your criteria well.
  10. I didn't want to hear that :LOL:
  11. It only wears out really fast because its really really good!
  12. yes indeed, I found that out yesterday, I don't think I've ever had a front tyre that inspired so much confidence!
  13. bt016 arent that good IMO, they sit somewhere in no mans land for performance i feel, and the shape of the front tyre is too flat. gives it a stable tip in but doesnt have alot of grip.

    stick a set of pilot road 2's or 3's and be done with it. at least they will last the distance you want. enough traction to keep you out of trouble.

    you dont want super sticky tyres on a bike with soft suspension, it will just bring out so many weaknesses.
  14. Mmmmm... you make a good point there jimmy about suspension and sticky tyres... Would multiply any wobbles i suspect.
    Might check out the pilot 3s, reading up on em now.
  15. I've done 10k on the P3s. They are not a bad tyre but the road noise in considerably worse than the Z6s I had before.

    After 10k, the rear has a flat spot but then again, so did the Z6s. I'.ll probably get 13k out of the rear on the Bandit. Not bad but not great.

    I'm going to get the Metzeler Z8s next.
  16. Ok the PR3s really have my interest. Im curious about one thing though...

    180/55ZR-17 is the standard rear for me, but theres also a 180/55ZR-17B... its 'specifically designed for heavier loads' on the bike - im no stick insect, and i do plan on doing some kms with mrs messy on there at some point... should i take a punt on the B variant for the extra $20 the tyre costs do you think?

    Couple reviews people say it feels no different, maybe a little stiffer in corners (so were i riding 1up id run a couple psi less most likely), but definitely takes longer to heat up.

    Read this thread too, funny how another is talking about road noise :p.

    Z8s are yet another option...
    Damn it, spoilt for choice!
  17. I might be ordering a set of Pirelli Rosso II's from Sportbiketrackgear at an insane $250 for a set.. These are brand new tyres from Pirelli, with a tri-compund tyre... So you get good sport riding ability but with high mileage. I've had just the Rosso's before on my Hornet and they are great. Know two other riders using the Corsa's as well and they love them.
  18. I've just put M5 Metzlers on the ZX14 and I like them a lot. Not sure how they'll go for wear - only been on there for about 500k, but they show signs of not wearing as well as the Power + Pure combination I had on before. These are a really good thing in terms of handling and feel and feedback and steering on a big heavy bike. They did seem to take a little longer to scrub in than many tyres, but I haven't found the limit of grip at all since they did scrub in. They're they first tyre I've found for this bike that don't stand up and go straight all the time. I can even trail brake into corners without exerting a ridiculous effort. As a sporty tyre for a big fast bike, they're hard to fault.

    [MENTION=14598]skipperau[/MENTION] has BT023s on his FJR, and they seem to work quite well too. I think they'll last a lot longer than the M5 set, and they handle well and steer quickly for such a big bike. Clearance on the FJR isn't all that great, but scraping the peg at $1.30 near the top of 3rd you can get the throttle all the way open and there's no slip or spin. How much more grip they have than that I don't know, but it seems to be perfectly adequate. Their wet weather grip (even before they were scrubbed in, riding the bike home from having them fitted) was astonishing. If you need decent all around performance and quality handling, and pretty good mileage, they're worth a look.

    "should i take a punt on the B variant for the extra $20 the tyre costs do you think?"

    Yes. That would be a good idea. Running them a few psi harder than the handbook figure would also help them last longer. If you need to give them a hand to warm up on a really really cold day - you can always let a few pounds out and see how that goes. I don't think you'll ever need to. I think the problem part of the envelope for the PR3 is the hot end. They're not a track day tyre, designed to cope with big speeds and big lean angles. If you normally ride legally, they should be fine.
  19. Im now tossing up between PR3s and Z8s.
    Z8s are getting fantastic reviews, even better then PR3s, but in saying that i cant find anyone with stock. Will make a few calls today and see how i go.
  20. My TDM had new BT 023 fitted when I bought it..
    Really can't knock them in any way after 12,000k and there's probably a couple of thou left on the rear....
    I've always felt confident with them in all conditions.
    Will be replacing rear with same in a month before the snowy....

    Which tyres can really consumes my head...](*,)
    It's sometimes easier just to get the same if you're happy with them......

    For me, I may consider something a little more gravel friendly (80 road 20 gravel) when I next replace both tyres..