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Which tyres to get?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by firefling, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm about to change my tyres on my SV650S. I've been given 3 options.

    Michelin Pilot Sports - will have to wait for available front one
    Michelin Pilot Road - available now
    Dunlops DS 20 - available now

    Now the mechanic has said they've tried the Pilot sports, grips are good, Road is more for the tourer bike (harder compound). Dunlops they've never tried but manufacturer claims it's a good all-rounder.

    Any opionions?

    Please keep in mind
    1) I weigh under 58kgs
    2) I have not managed to get my knee down so I'm not likely to be go around corners at warp speed
    3) I like to cruise every now and then
    4) My bike suspension is set up to a medium-hard
    5) My bike is a SPORTS-TOURER, not a pure sports machine.

  2. what about the ones being advertised on the site ?
    have you looked into those ? are they suitable ?
  3. Have sent you a PM Firefling
  4. Metzeler Mez1's

    Brilliant tyres stick like groberts to coffee

    I hated the 2 different dunlops that I had and the pilots were not available in my size when i was shopping for tyres.
  5. I too hate it when you can't get anything in your size. Try High and Mighty or Solways they have worked in the past for me. FLMAO.
    :D :D :D
  6. Which ones are they groberts?

    And thejewishone, that would be good, will call you sometime tonite :)

    How much did you get out of the Mez1 vic? I don't think Mez1 have my tyre fit made. Mine are front - 120/60-ZR17, rear - 160/60-ZR17

    Forgot to mention that I've already done 16K on my existing tyres and if it wasn't for the fact that there's a punctured repaired, I wouldn't have bothered changing them.
  7. 5000km
  8. While we are talking about tyres, has anybody got any suggestions for my Baby ZZR. Currently it has Dunlop Arrowmax both front and rear... I need my rear changed, cause it is going bald. Also where is the best place to go tyre shopping?

    Thank you guylies and girlies.

    Your ZZR250 PUP.
  9. hey vic - what bike do u ride?
  10. Bob Jane in the city is a netrider partner and gives 10% discount. I bought tires from central motorcycles in huntingdale. I have also heard good things about a place called "Pablo's" (moorabbin I think??)
  11. Thanx Boz, I'll check it out.

  12. They are now in Mulgrave factory 2/16 Rosemary Court.
  13. Ahh, I have tried Bob Jane, very good service. Haven't tried the others yet although I've heard good things about Pablos. But I can't be stuffed.

    I've got my bike to be serviced by PTR (Phil Tainton Racing) who in the past have given me great support and discounts when I had a bit of financial difficulties. So I'm gonna get him to change my tyres around for me, he's fished around and came up with the listed 3.

    Now I'm asking netriders which of the 3 should I get? Not which other tyres should I be considering. I want to get something with good mileage (15K should do :p) but can get a decent grip (doesn't have to be as strong as groberts with coffee :roll:).
  14. I have mates who have used both the Pilot Roads and Sports and have been wrapped with them. I am changing to the pilots as soon as I can. My mate has the Roads on his Daytona 955i and has done two track days on them and still got 12000kms from them. How does that sound Fling??? :D

  15. Thanks Stew, that's more like it :) Just the kind of info I wanted to hear.

    I was leaning more towards the Roads as I can't find any information on Dunlops :? Will be making my decision tonight :)

    Sorry no sooner did I say that I couldn't find info on Dunlops, I found their website :oops:

  16. From what you have written Fling the roads would suit you down to the ground :LOL: :LOL: :shock: get it :LOL: :p sorry. Seriously though unless you are a weekend racer that gets the knee on the deck two seconds after starting the bike the sports wont really do much for you. Good luck mate!!!! :D

  17. Pablos are very good..but they have moved from Richmond to deep dark wayouttatown...Rowville!
    anyone from the SE 'burbs should try em..they have most brands
    and do bikes only (unlike BJ's)

  18. hi all
    for more tyre info, and to save searching the web....

    for info on YOUR choice of tyre....

    the site for Bridgestone bike tyres....
    next is.....
    for the Aussie site..which does not show much....
    customer contact details only....
    and then....
    for their tyre catalogue....
    for Michelin..
    for info on the Diablo range ...

    hope this helps...

    I swear by Bridgestone on my Kwaka...

  19. My mechanic put Pirelli Sport Demons on my GPz250. A bit early to comment on wear - done about 2000kms and no real signs of wear yet, but then I still kinda ride like a granny and I'm on a 250 :p Grip seems pretty good also, but see last sentence ;)