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which tyres for my 400?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robeel, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. hey guys,

    i've spent a bit of cash on my rvf so looking to upgrade my tyres to keep me & the bike upright.

    i've got dunlop sportmax gpr100's that came with the bike so don't know how old they are. they are shiet imo as they have got me into trouble a few times & can slide out on me when ridden hard. my novice riding doesn't help but i don't have much confidence in these tyres, when raining the bike feels realy unstable at times, even at lower speeds.

    looking for some good sticky tyres, that are good in the wet too & warm up fast.

    so far am leaning to michelin pilot pures or pilot road 2/3?

    i ride to work everyday, so its mainly ridden on the suburban streets but like to go for longer rides once a while. the rvf needs to be ridden hard to get the best out of it, so thats why i'm leaning to sport tyres but need something good for the wet too.

    which will be better for me? & any other reccomendations?

    also should i buy from here (blacktown team moto have the pures fitted & balanced for $400)? or order from the US? how much saving is there?

  2. that sounds pretty reasonable.
    either choice. pures are stickier in optimun riding conditions. but road 2/3 superior wet grip.
    dilemma indeed
    ride to the conditions with the pures would be my pick. they are fine in the wet, but not outstanding
  3. thanks MT1.

    have been reading some good reviews on metzelers, M5 & Z8.

    anyone have them or tried both brands? Michelin vs Metzeler?
  4. Not tried the metzelers, Pirelli are worth it, or you could try continentals? let me know cause I'm thinking about getting a set of Metzelers or continentals to try out
  5. as bad as team moto, their blacktown store does have great tyre pricing, fitting is also included.
  6. check the prices from jakewilson.com
    My Dunlop Q2s (120/70 + 160/60) arrived 7days after notice of shipping!
    Fitting is $40 per tyre in SE VIC.