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Which tyre would be best - Fitted and tested!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. SPADA really needs new rubber... current rear is so square its not funny anymore....not to mention both have gone "off"

    Currently have ArrowMax but have heard these are really a soft compound and will wear fast with all the highway miles i do. (eg. lots)

    BT45's have also been mention as a good choice and also as not so good for lighter bikes.

    So all comments and suggestions please. recommend me a set of tyres.

    I really know nothing technical about them so explanations would be handy to so i can at least start to understand what i'm doing. :grin:
  2. actually the arrowmax would be best for that bike and just to correct u, it is not a soft compound tyre. they would be very close or the same as the BT45. get the arrowmax
  3. ah ok..opposite to what i heard but willing to take all info on board

    is there a nice easy to understand guide around??

    i mean for a total newbie to tyre purchases how do i know what is what and which is right fo me?? Other than posting here of course

    did a search here on netrider but the search is kinda useless...
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  5. If you do lots of straight highway km, then get a set of pilot roads, or the new dual compound pilot road2. I have had roads, and they were long lasting with surprisingly good grip on a much bigger bike than yours, wear was excellent, about 12000 from rear, and 16000 for front.

    I just fitted a set of pilot road2's today, they feel good, and have excellent reviews in the press.
  6. looks like arrowmax is getting a good vote then.... btw what did they cost for the FZR?
  7. What were they like on the corners??? looking for tyres that will give me solid grip when i'm out for some fun too.
  8. Totally different bike, but the Arrowmax I had on teh front of the GTR SUCKED!
    I mean scalloped all over the place, would make teh bike wander in a straight line, had horrible grip in bumpy corners etc.
    I;d never buy one again.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Scalloped as in couldn't keep a straight line?? or wobbled?? still working out all this tyre talk??

    Must say i do find it hard to keep a smooth line atm in the corners......

    any recommendations then if you wouldn't have an Arrowmax.

    i'm looking at getting new tyres inthe next week or so.
  10. Drew I find the grip of the Arrowmax 501s pretty good. True I wouldn't know much different as I've only ever ridden with these tires but I had my foot scrap on the spur while leaning it right over. I can't tell you how much they cost because I bought the bike with them on like you, but I think they are around $120-150 each?
  11. What does H or V rated mean??
  12. He's riding a Spada. AFAIK Michelin don't make Pilot Roads small enough to fit his bike. I imagine we're looking at a 130 rear and probably a 90 on the front.

    Arrowmax would be my recommendation. Served me well on the GPX, and lasted ok. It depends on what sort of range you're expecting from them?
  13. Scalloping is uneven tread wear on a tyre. Basically the Arrowmax I had was worn all over the place in a very irregular way.
    I am using a Barracuda on the front, and it is so much better than the Arrowmax on my particular bike. I certainly have not approached it's limit........
    I can't speak highly enough of these tyre's abilities in the wet, and they do wear fairly well.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. by scalloping you mean cupping right?

    also drew get the exact tyre sizes you need then you can start looking as said above most of the super sticky stuff ain't available in small sizes i guess coz we dont need it.......
  15. As much as possible.... say about 10,000+ would be great,

    looks like arrows are the way to go for the moment.

    Here are the published tyre specs for the SPADA...no idea what i currently have..bike is at home today.

    Front tyre dimensions: 110/80-17 52H
    Rear tyre dimensions: 140/70-17 66H
  16. Alos Drew, see if you can get the Bridgestone BT-020 in your size. I have had several on the back of the Hornet, (where they get a bit of use) and have had good grip and great wear, and they don't seem to sack out in the middle with lots of highway miles.....
  17. From experience on a Spada the BT45 will do 10,000 clicks standing on its head in a strong wind. I recommend the BT45's as I have not had the arrowmax's. The BT's turn well and had more grip than you can really use on a Spada (mega lean angles excepted).
  18. Looks like i do a ring around for some prices between arrows and bt's

    cheers for the advice.
  19. H stands for HIGH speed
    V stands for VERY HIGH speed

    Just speed ratings for tires. H is good enough on the SPADA

    Good luck!

  20. H = up to 210 km/h
    V = 210 to 240 km/h
    Z = 240+ km/h.............

    Regards, Andrew.