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Which Tyre Michelin Pilot Powers, Pirelli Diablo Corse or M3

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sepe, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. `Just purchased Yamaha FZ1N fitted with Michelin Pilot ROAD...not happy with tyre, it tends to step out in the rear on the tighter corners...Have used Pirelli Diablo Corse (fitter on the other bike) they have done just over 5000Km and still looking ok (worn evenly to the edge). Heard mixed reports on the Michelin Pilot powers and I dont know anyone that has used the Metzelers Sportec M3.....

    Comments appriciated.......Especially if someone has fitted the Metzelers....


  2. I have a friend in the US who just fitted Michelin Pilot Powers and says the difference in the bike is amazing. He is a very knowlegable guy- I would trust his review wholeheartedly.
  3. I have pilot powers and they're pretty darn good.

    I've never heard a mixed view on pilot powers... however can't say the same for the pilot sports which preceded the powers.

    Apparently, the three brands you quoted directly compete with each other, so they should be about as good as each other.

    ...I'm no tyre expert however...
  4. The only bad thing I'd say about the Pilot Powers is that I personally didn't get much wear out of them. 5000km and they were bare canvas in the middle. But I do tend to wheelie a bit. The front lasted 10,000km, although the last 1500 were pretty bloody ragged. I did plenty of stoppies on that front tyre.

    Metzeler's M1s were apparently toilet, but the M3s have a better reputation. Never used them myself.

    I've used the Strada version of the Diablos before and was very impressed. I've also used a Supercorsa which was fantastic. No complaints there, the Pirellis were probably my favourites so far. At the moment I'm on Bridgestone race tyres.

    Oh, and for the record I disliked the Pilot Road tyres as well.
  5. +1

    Same reason I now no longer use em. Great tyre but was costing too much to chng the rear so often.
    (Your a f*ckin hoon I tell ya) :LOL:
  6. Although I have heard the new Pilot Powers have a different dual compound going, designed for better centre tread wear... The CT2 ones or whatever?
  7. I've had Pirelli Diablo Corsa's for the last two rounds of tires and love them. The new Corsa 3 is due out soon (I think every other country has got them already). They are a dual compound tire and supposedly have the same grip as the corsa, but longer life!
  8. :) Thank you for eveyones comments...appriciated...

    I think I'll go with the Pilot Powers............

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