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Which tyre, from where, how much (Melb)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by winaje, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hi all.

    '05 VFR800, mainly commuting work, 7 corners per day, so am hard on the centre of the rear. The occasional weekend cruise. Currently using Conti Road Attack rear and Michelin Pilot Road 2ct front, and have gotten about 16k from them both, with probably another 2k to go. Found the PR2 to have an unusually vague feeling for the first 1-2k, felt almost greasy.

    So, can I please have some suggestions for alternatives, and info on where to get the best prices on the Eastern side of Melb...? I want to keep the cost under $500 for the pair if at all possible, have been quoted $518 for a set of PR2s. I'll be taking the wheels in myself.

  2. I run sport touring tyres and my recent experiences have been with dunlop roadsmart and bridgestone BT021. like both but prefer the bridgies. Brett at madbiker fitted the last lot. price was in your range and he's out your way
    I think ferntreegully PS has the roadsmarts and their prices on tyres are usually OK. could also ring pablos
  3. Plus one on the roadsmarts :grin:
  4. I do alot of commuting to and am looking at bt021 rear and bt 14 front as the bt 21 is a dual compound and the bt14 is more sports based.

    Have heard good things about this mix
  5. Pilot Road 2 at both ends on my Bandit and if anything its the rear thats greasy until up to temp but thats only when pushed in the first 1 - 2km.
    Maybe your 2 are not a good match. I'd be bloody rapt with that milage though :shock:

    EDIT: $520 is about the going rate :(
  6. Pirelli Diablo Strada its dual compound and i thought they were great
  7. You're not complaining about this are you? You should be celebrating a result like that!

    That's not unusual, although 200-500k is usually enough. They are like that - need some serious scrubbing in before they start working properly.
  8. No Titus, definitely not complaining. I have always been pretty gentle on tyres, and bikes in general (apart from when I was a courier :p )

    Am reading some pretty interesting info on the Roadsmarts, looks like it between them and the PR2s so far.

    Thanks for the info to date.
  9. Surprises me that you're not happy with them mate at that mileage....I run Pr2's both ends and worn them out by 8000k's.
    Interested in your review of performance of the Conti roadattacks as I was considering them last time but opted for the Pr2's again..........
    One thing I wouldnt recommend though is your different rubber front and back :? they both have a totally different profile so you may have been lucky you havent had a moment to date........
    Personally I'd try the Pr2's both ends, or Conti's both ends, you may be surprised.....
    Another option that has got a lot of good reviews has been the Avon Storms and the Roadsmarts
  10. Don't misunderstand me; I'm not at all unhappy with the life I have gotten from my current tyres, in fact I'm very happy with it so far. I'm pretty gentle on tyres though, so understand that others might get a lot less than I do.

    Thanks for the info regarding running different rubber front and rear mismatching, hadn't really thought of those differences...

    Spoke to my cousin who works in a Honda dealership in the country, he recommended I have a look at Avon Storms as well, but I am having a lot of difficulty finding pricing online etc. It seems that they will all be a very similar price, at about $510 to $520 for a pair, fitted. So I'm stuck with the price by the looks of it, but still undecided on the brand. I have read a number of reports about PR2's "going off" at the front halfway through their life, and a number of other positive and negative reports about the other options too.

    I have got to many choices, lol. But I think I'll go with a dual compund tyre, so that limits me to PR2, BT021 or Roadsmart.

    Thanks for the help so far...
  11. I had Bridgie 021's originally, think you may get even longer (if thats possible) :LOL: tyre life out of them......harder compound and will suit if you are basically touring/commuting........not as good a grip as the PR2's, especially in the wet......I did not like the o21's in the wet :shock:

    Cant comment on the Roadsmarts other than heard good things.......
    :wink: R
  12. I think you'll find that is more urban legend than fact and any tire can be abused. Besides I cant see them "going off" on you with the mileage you're milking from tires :LOL:
  13. FWIW in AMCN peter stevens are advertising roadsmarts at $478 a pair
  14. Thanks Twist, just rang them and the price is correct, but they are also charging $12.50 per wheel fit and balance even if I take the wheels in. Not sure if this is an industry standard, but the shop you quoted in an earlier post seems to charge the same. That being the case I'll support a small shop rather than a big one any time.

    By the way, why was the name and link to the shop quoted earlier obscured in the post?
  15. i just bought a shinko 009 raven to try on my rear.

    $155 + $15 delivery to my door (from qld)

    bikeshops want $35 to fit both my wheels

    average is about $15-20 per wheel so $25 for two is $10 less than i will be paying :)

    the tyre is still sitting in my spare room. there have been some good reviews on them out there in the sports touring world. but like anything "new" they get lots of bagging. a set will cost you under $300 though.

    im giving them a try as im doing ~500km a week and dont want to throw away $520 tyres every few months


    they are basically the yokohama tyres reproduced by another asian man when the yoko factory burnt down



    i figure ill give them a go now as im doing lots of fwy and if they are any good then i will be saving $220 per 15,000kms for the rest of my life

    if they are rubbish then i will also find that out lol. ive had rubbish tyres from dunlow,michelin and bridgestone before anyway
  16. I used to have Michelin Pilot Road 2 on my bike, but now have the Dunlop Roadsmart. The Michelins were fine, but so far I would have to say that I prefer the Dunlops, although I am yet to compare mileage.
  17. Thanks for the replies guys, I have decided on BT 021's.

    Buying them from M a d b i k e r in Ferntree Gully, Brett has quoted me an excellent price, and definitely seems to know his stuff.

    Will report on impressions etc soon.