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which tyre: Dunlop GT 501 arrowmax or bridgestone battlax?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Icka, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need to change the tyres on my hyosung GT250R and have been looking around for prices on new tyres. Now I have to make a choice between the GT501 arrowmax $330 fitted or the BT 020 battlax $340 fitted.

    The bike is used mainly as a fun bike for riding around but sometimes gets used to commute to work

    Can anyone give me some feedback on those tyres, particularly do they warm up quicky, grip, feel and life etc?

    Would also like to know whether its ok to put 2 different tyres on the bike, ie: arrowmax on front and battlax on back?

  2. I have a BT-020 on the back of the Hornet, as you can see you can lean it over a fair way


    Also I have got around 12,000 kms out of it. (Probably says a bit about my riding style, but that includes one 1228 km in a day trip, and two trips to Melbourne and back).
  3. Since your getting both new, get the same tyre.
    Arrowmax are sposed to be shit, but it depends on what you want from the bike. There probly cabaple of doing an alrite job, but not flat out sports stuff.
    What size tyres are on the hyosong 250?
    Those prices are pretty average if its 110 frnt and 140 rear, should be under $300 fitted.
  4. I've had BT020 on the rear of my CBR600 for over 3 years now (approx 15000 ks) and have had not one problem. Tread is still good, admittedly I don't fang that often but they have still lasted really well. Last October I had a Pirelli put on the front (coz my mechanic couldn't get the Bridgestone) and that is great too. No probs with different brands.

  5. I have had both the Bridgrstone and now the Arrowmax tyres on my VTR250.
    The Bridgestones lasted over 10,000k's. They were on the bike when I bought it but they looked pretty new. I found them to make a very good front tyre but I prefer the Arrowmax rear tyre. The Bridgestone rear tended to jump around a bit on bumpy roads at full lean but the Arrowmax's dont seem to do that (could be because they are still new and quite soft).

    The Bridgestone front tyre offered a better 'feel' in the front end when compared to the Arrowmax. I can't really comment on tyre life because I have only had the Arrowmax's for about 1000k's.

    Both tyres are great and I don't think you can really go wrong with either brand, the Arrowmax's seem to have more grip than the Bridgestone but that is expected because all tyres have more grip when they are new and soft.

    I am gonna assume that the Arrowmax's will have a shorter life span than the Bridgestone because when I give the bike a good thrashing through corners I can get the rubber to start to melt on the Arrowmax's, the Bridgestones never did that for me.

    If I had a chance to get tyres for my bike again I would go the Arrowmax's, just because they seem to suit my bike and my riding style.

    Just go with the tread pattern you like the best and also look at price and you really can't go wrong. Both tyres are highly recommended by me!
  6. The BT020 is designed for large bikes - probably overkill on a 250 Hyosung. You'd probably be better off with the BT45 which is designed specifically for 250~400cc bikes. I've clocked up just over 15,000kms on mine so far, never had a problem with lack of grip (not surprising given the 250 Kat has fatter tyres than the original 1100)
    Edit: A friend of mine is running Arrowmaxes on his 250 Bandit, got less than 10,000kms out of them of mostly short distance commuting.
  7. When I bought the bandit it had a new battleaxe on the rear and a sportmax on front. The battleaxe lasted 5000kms and gave me a few scares. I put a sportmax on the rear 7000kms ago and it still looks near new and hasn't scared me yet so I'd recommend the sportmax. I think arrowmax is the tourer tire but the sportmax is around the same price.
  8. I've had Arrowmaxes on my Across since last October. No problems to date.
  9. I had the GT501 but like the BT45 better, even though its slightly harder compound then the 501's, I just didnt like em :?

    Id definatly go the BT20's over the GT501

    On a light bike even the BT45 offers plenty of grip to scrape the little things exhausts :LOL: Good thing about the 250s, they arent fussy.
  10. have you thought about GPR70s?
  11. It is always best to have matching tyres front and rear.

    GPR70's are the bomb :cool:

    I wouldn't bother with them if you only commute though, you'll square them off in about 5000km.

    However if you regularly go for spirited rides or track days etc. and want maximum confidence from your tyres, you cant get any stickier than Dunlop GPR70's on a 250.

    Also, I get a pair of GPR70's fitted for $360, so the prices you have been quoted are a little high for that sort of tyre.

    Good luck with your choice.
  12. Was talking to Pablos and they reckon the Bridgestones are the better tyres as they updated their technology not too long ago. The Dunlops are due for a upgrade soon. Then again, he could be only talking about the medium and not the hard compound tyres. Could ring them up and ask them.
  13. was speaking to a friend today and he recommended the pilot powers. Rung around a few places and got quoted $400 fitted. Been told by few people that they are a great tyre so dont mind spending the extra $$ to get them.

    Even better when my brother is going half with me because he's doing a lot more riding than I am at the moment. :LOL: