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Which two, ~$3k LAMS bikes would you choose?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. I am coming into a strange position, and it looks like one of my future bike options is, instead of 1 super bike, is two, around $3k bikes.

    One for the daily grind and one for the weekends as a play thing.

    I was thinking something like DR250 and VTR250 (if i'm lucky).

    Basically i need one for commuting (doesn't have to be pretty, must go at least 80km/h, could be a cruiser/dirt/naked/faired/scooter/etc) and one for bush-bashing and general hooning. The money can vary, too - so 2k on the commuter, 4k on the dirt, or vice versa, etc.

    You can see where i'm going with this.

    Oh, and why not 1 good bike? That's too easy! :p
    As a matter of course, if i were to get 1 bike i am looking at GS650, DRZ400SM, SXV450, Transalp, KLR650, DR650 and things of that ilk.

    Fire away!
  2. If you want to spend around 2.5k on a solid, reliable commuter I can highly reccommend the Honda Spada. I've had mine since February and it hasn't missed a beat at all. You can probably find a mechanically sound example with a few dings for a little over $2,000.

    While they are 20 odd years old now, they certainly love to run and they're fantastic bikes for the money!
  3. DR250 will do both
  4. two dr250's it is!
  5. One Dr and keep the vfr.
  6. one for you one for the missus :p
    oh and you HAVE to motard yours.
  7. see i was thinking motard one ha

    two drs... that would be ridiculous!

    One dr and keep the vfr would be logical...
  8. see for me I think that by buying parts needed to convert my dr650 into a motard, I will have gotten 2 bikes for the price of one + a few hundred dollars. one dirt bike, and one road bike. wheel swaps are quick...
    one rego, one ctp, one insurance premium...
  9. The Dr250 is too slow to motard and would be a waste of money to motard. the drz400 is only just fast enough and it has water cooling and 150cc extra.

    Get a Dr250 and leave it standard and just use it to cruise around, bush bash and commute and keep the vfr for faster.

    if you want a motard you are going to have to go bigger and spend more.
  10. go the drz400, have two sets of wheels.
  11. I would discourage buying gt650r as the warranty supported here in Aust by the importer is not comprehensive enough to make buying the gt650r viable.I have had numerous faults in 20000klms of ownership and the latest claim for warped disk rotors has been rejected by the importers. Faults due to side stand switch malfunction , collapsed steering head bearings , major failure of the gearbox orings, sump plug leaks , regulator rectifier failures , paint peeling off , corrosion of the mirror stalks and this bike is only less than 20000klms old. Buy a Jap bike as they have factory support and experience in building a bike that is reliable.