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Which Twin ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. g'day use lot.

    Started savin' me pennies for my next ride......I have decided it's gotta be a twin.. I am a pretty sedate rider 90% of the time so all out ballz n all top end grunt is not that high a priority.

    Would prefer faired....With lots of commuter k's to be travelled here during Tassie's winter. Also fuel injection would be good.

    I have whittled it down some, although really there aren't that many twins out there (variety of models).

    Not keen on the SV650's..
    love the Dukes but maintenance costs etc....
    Kawasaki only seems to have the ER6F......
    Suzuki has the TL1000R
    Honda VTR 1000
    Yamaha ???

    Budget tops out at $10,000 (wife said so :p )

    So it seems to be Either the TL, VTR or ER6F

    My practical side says the Kwaka....... the other 10 % says "go the litre bikes, you don't have to ride em hard " :?

    Over time would the kwaka become ho hum ?

    Thanks. V8.
  2. Can I ask why you have ruled out the SV650S?
  3. Also curious to know why you ruled out the SV. You do realise the VTR isnt fuel injected? Not that it really matters.
  4. personally i took the er6-f out for a test ride last weekend, and it was a few dislikes i had with it, firstly it had a digital gauge (i find them harder to read at a quick glance) the bike felt small, with narrow bars, and although the bike went well, i felt it just lacked a bit of personality. But they are all my opinions, other on this site, rave about them. Differents strokes for different folks..... take them all for a test ride if you can.
  5. You forgot to mention the Olsen twin/s! :LOL:
  6. The SV1000 is a HAWT looking bike (why go a 650 when you could afford a thou anyway).
    Maintence costs on a Ducati are pretty similair to Jap bikes these days. IMO I think you are writing off too many bikes too quickly.
    The ER6 is a good looking bike. Lacks the ooodles of torque that a litre bike is going to have though.
    But If it truly is between just the litre bikes (the TL and the VTR) probly go the TL just because there are soooo many VTR's around. It is nice to have something different. But then again you have to ask whay are there so many VTR's around? People that own 'em rate 'em pretty highly. :wink:

    edit: Yamaha only have the ol' TRX850 in a sportsbike twin( do sound good though :p ). If you wanna go bland they have the TDM 850 or 900 :grin:

  7. Mainly the lack of Fairing for the SV....(reminds me of a praying Mantis) .. even the VTR hasn't got a lot more.. anyway why is it that alot of twins don't have full fairings? SP1 and SP2 have but they are outta my price range.

    AS for fuel injection.....Not savy with what bike has what.... It would make cold morning starts calmer for my neighbours as I leave for work at 5:30 am. But if it isn't available or only on bikes outside of my budget then so be it.

    As for maint. on dukes.....just did a google search and my local ducatti dealer is in Launceston..... Pity I'm in Hobart !
  8. There are OEM and aftermarket fairings around for the SV (both 650 and 1000) if that's all that's stopping you considering one.
    They come as a lower piece that bolts on below the bikini fairing that's already on the 'S' models.
  9. VTR1000F or SV650. Both will do all that you need (and more).

    A TL1000R would be overkill in most of your riding situations. Take the above 2 and an ER6 for test ride. Take the TLR too, but I think you'll find it's quite a different sort of bike to what you're wanting!

    It's your money Reg...
  10. Vtr's with carbys still start like they are fuel injected. Cold starts, full choke, two turns and she fires. Never had a problem with it. Even hot starts are basic. I've actually never had a bike that started more reliably than my storm. The carbys make some noise while its running back thru the pipes, a few pops and crackles, but they sound as tough as guts, and just add to the character of the bike. They are nothing to be concerned about at all.

    Twins are fun, good luck with the shopping.
  11. Which Twin

    The SV650s is an awesome bike....don't write it off on looks alone.
    The TLR is an awesome bike, but getting a good one that hasn't been thrashed etc maight be getting harder now. They are also bloody big and heavy.
    The SP1/2 are great also...

    But I say all this coz I am totally biased and have owned, and loved each one of the listed above... :grin: :grin:

    The litre twins start to get expensive as they eat tyres, chain and sprockets, and a full faired one will cost a bit in insurance.

    Anyho, a test ride on each should solve your dilemma..good luck!
  12. Full fairing are available for SV650S - in UK anyway... (Lower fairing set - £405.00 painted)

    In fact, Suzuki UK sells SV650Sport along with SV650 and SV650S from K6.


    May be if we have enough people email Suzuki OZ they may import the fairing kits for us. :grin:
  13. Fully fairing bikes are overrated. Half fairings give you 90% of the protect, without the heat and crash hassles.

    As to capacity, I too would like to see a bore and stroked version of the sv650. SV825 would be great.

    1000 is too big for a twin as they are rough and chew juice. 650 is a little small for western male riders, that do more then commuting.
  14. TDM 900 - upright seating and half fairing - new ones been reduced by a couple of grand so used market should be a bit chepaer as well. $10K get you a few year old one with full luggage.

    Marvin the Martian has a new one - and has no complaints AFAIK.
  15. Have you considered a BM boxer? there are some very quick one's (though I don't know about your price range).

    A Moto Guzzi? I really like the look of the new Guzzi's and resale on some of the new Breva's must be dropping near 10k's?

    Besides, you might pay a little more initially for a BMW or a Guzzi, but you'll appreciate the slow depreciation. Whereas a new ER6f will drop $2000 or so in a year.
  16. buell xb9r, or if you want a bit nakid... xb9s. :cool:

  17. Oh I wasn't worried about it starting or not.....More the noise when starting... When I start my 2 fiddy it goes straight to 3000 rpm (which is loud at 5:30 am when u can hear a possum fart at 20 metres)......can get it to keep running @ 2500 till it warms up 4 a minute or so......Just thought if fuel injection on bikes works as good as on my ute.....(basically idles after a few secs)....it would be nicer on the neighbours..... but the more I think about it......stuff em :p :p

  18. Now thats more like it!!! Praying mantis begone!!....How hard is it to get those bits ? That fairing really sets that bike off.

    Rode home today on my bubby zzr via grass tree hill....headin up .Minding me own business......from out of nowere was over taken by a bigger donk.....on the other side I caught him/her (going downhill :p )....Had a couple nasty moments doing it tho :shock: (damn that 10%)....Made me think that if I had a Litre bike I probably woulda been in the scrub.
  19. Well I did my bit.......sent this to suzauto@mayfairs.com.au.

    "Hello. I am in the market for a mid range V twin. Noticed the SV650s.......Is it possible to get a full faired version...(as sold in the UK).?..Or buy the fairing sepparate through import ? The difference in appearance this makes to this bike is staggering. see pic. I really had scratched Suzuki off my list until this option became known to me. As I am not a fan of Naked/semi faired bikes as a personal preference.
    I am sure that there would be an interest in this as an option when buying new. And a large volume of aftermarket sales. It would be a niche that Suzuki could fill as there are alot of us that like the character and usability that a V twin brings, but there seems to be a trend away from full fairings. Honda's VTR is semi faired. Kawasaki only has the ER6F (parallel twin). Ducati is not in the same price bracket. Yamaha has the TDM 900(parallel) semi naked......As the legendary TL1000R has gone west please give us a fully faired VTwin alternative, even if we need to send away to the UK for the parts.

    Best regards"
  20. ER-6n has a digital gauge. :wink: The Er-6f is the faired version (like mine) and has analogue gauges. :)