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Which triple to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by panza83, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, i know i might be getting a little ahead of myself as i am still on my P plates, but, in a years time I had planed on upgrading to the pretty much universally praised Street Triple.

    Is there anything stopping me from going up that extra step and just getting the Speed Triple if the price is right? Is it's torque just going to be too brutal for someone fresh off a restricted license?

    i realise it's a long way off, but hey, i like speculation!

    For the record, im a pretty sensible rider, maybe too much so.. :p

    Fire away!
  2. How big are you?
  3. Street 675.

    Size isn't everything.
  4. 6 foot and 100kg...
  5. the 675 may well be enough to keep you satisfied. its a great donk apparently.

    the only thing for me is.... if i was buying a new bike id want to keep it for at least 3yrs to justify the cost. for me i know the 675 wouldnt keep me entertained long enough.

    but on the other hand its 4grand cheaper...which is allot

    and it will brake, handle just as well perhaps better due to the lighter weight.

    but the hoonability is on another lever for the speed.

    but its up to you really
  6. Yeah i dont think im going to have a definative answer until i can actually go have a squirt of each... This wait is going to kill me!
    Id end up buying second hand of either one, regardless, and because the Speeds have been around a few years longer (current generation 1050) the price would be roughly on par.
  7. Ok that doesn't rule out either. I you were small then I would have advised against the 955/1050 bikes as they are pretty bulky (combination of weight and length).
  8. You want a triple? Be different - buy a Benelli. I dare you :)

  9. He wants a bike, not a garden ornament. Those buckets spend as long in the shop as they do on the road.
  10. I was going to add that too. The 899 version of the TnT is heavier than the 675, but probably a better handler than the 1050 while being able to keep one honest for power. Not too many around yet though.

    For your height and weight, you'll find the 1050 more roomy, but I'm a bit taller (but lighter) and the 675's agility and sportiness around town is stellar. It surprises with it's grunt. But I've also done overnighters of well over 1000 km on mine, though the bigger bike would have been more comfy for my height.

    By the time you're set to buy, there's probably not going to be much price difference secondhand, so ride both and go with your gut. They are more different in the way they feel than what you might expect.
  11. Damn right! Never trust the Italians! And that's coming from one.

    Thanks for the input Wayne
  12. I know, hence the 'I dare you' part. But they're supposed to be getting better - in fact the most recent reports coming out of the UK seem a lot more favourable than they used to be. So I'd just really like someone to get one, so they could report whether they really are improving. I'm certainly not going to put *my* money on the line :)
  13. I reckon there's little real risk of getting bored with the power of the 675 in the road situation. If you thought you were, there's a fair chance you're just not going hard enough... If you wanted to do track days, maybe the 1050, or for somewhat lazier grunt... but for mine, and for what you want to do, I reckon the Street Triple - the R is you can get it - would be the go.
  14. Forget the rest,buy the best,Laverda Jota
  15. Having owned a 955, and ridden both 675 and 1050, I would go for the 675R. Just more fun.
    But you weigh about 18kg more than me, so that may swing it in the favour of the bigger bike. If there's freeways and touring on your agenda the extra shunt would make life more pleasant.

    (A TNT passed me at PI like I was standing still, but didn't make it to the second session - I think that says it all :wink: )
  16. I am nowhere near off restrictions and am very new to bikes but have looked at bigger bikes online for the fun of it. Excuse the naive-ness but why is it that litre bikes are generally around the same price second hand to their 600/675 counterpart?
  17. The big block bikes are quite heavier and go about their business in a quite agricultural way. Still they are impressive bikes. Raw and grunty.

    The small block tripple is the new kid on the block. A very modern bike.

    The 600/4s don't sell for anywhere near the price of the 675 in reality. Owners struggle to get rid of them.

  18. The 09' bikes are allegedly better though Id wait a bit longer to see where Nelli head. Hopefully their new owner will inject some cash and sort some of the reliability issues out. There are supposed to be new models coming out in 2010 so see what happens. There are a couple of good used TNTs out there at the moment. If you get serious pm me.
    That said they're a great ornament and when they're running right an awsome machine. Not the fastest bike, not the most manouverable but an absolute blast to ride. Go take an 1130 for a spin and see what you think.. your heart will say buy it and your head will say dont (listen to your head). :wink:
  19. Triumph Trident. :grin: