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Which track/school for the wife?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by jimmythehuman, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. My wife rides dirtbikes, and she does it well. She wants to spend a day on the a road track learning the basics, on their bikes.

    In vicco which is the best option for a ride with small groups, plenty of track time, learn some basic bike skills and get a little speed up?

  2. Not in vic so not too sure but HART are all over.
    I would look more at an adv road course than a track day...but I am thinking she has no road experience in saying that.
    do a google on them
  3. I can recommend a HART Advanced Level 1 course. Was absolutely fantastic, got heaps out of it. Would recommend doing that course before you buy boots/pants, the knowledge is worth more that the armor!
  4. Thanks. I am not she wants to buy the gear and start riding on the road with all of the madness. She just wants to have a safe fun ride day. Be even better if it was an girlie one.
  5. Preston race school is the most economical and quite good,they also have girls only days just not sure about class tuition on the girls only days.Check out preston motorcycle clubs web site.
  6. +1 for the HART Advanced 1. She'll need to ride on the road to get to the training place though. they do it at the police training range (or did when I did it)
    Bernie Hatton is at Broadford on the 22nd, but thats pretty exxy if you use his bike.
    have to work that day **** it
  7. I did the HART Advanced 2 course yesterday and thoroughly recommend it.

    Great fun, and more focussed on riding technique rather than road craft like the Advanced 1 course is (I've done both).
  8. Sure there'll be another along soon..

    "Girls Only Track Day on at Broadford this Friday!
    September 17, 2012

    Girls Only Track Day #5 is on again at Broadford this Friday, September 21.

    THE fifth Girls Only Track Day at the State Motorcycle Sport Complex at Broadford is just around the corner and is all set for Friday, September 21.

    The GOTD team are very excited to announce - with a huge thanks to Chas Hern at CM Racing and Adrenalin Performance Bikes, Chas - will be bringing down three ZXR250 race bikes to the day for any ladies who would like to have a test ride!

    This could be the opportunity of a life time for the ladies attending on the day as CM Racing are looking for 3 women to compete on these bikes in the 2013 VRRC and ASBK championships.

    This is a fantastic opportunity available for ladies looking to make the step from the road to the race track. Chas will be attend the day and available for a chat and organise a test ride.

    Joining the GOTD team is Stephanie Redman, a road racer in her own right, and an instructor at California Superbike School.

    Stephanie, along with Jess Watkins, Tracey Davies and ASBK rider Wayne Maxwell will all be on hand with their experience and wealth of knowledge to provide advice and instruction throughout the day.

    With the overwhelming success at the last GOTD Chrissie Clancy-Ingpen and Leanne March Victoria***8217;s awesome Sidecar team along with the HMRAV will be back on track with sidecars for those ladies keen to have a go at swinging on a side car.

    The ongoing success and growth of the track days so far is a testament of the hard work put in behind the scenes by of all the GOTD Team.

    This hard work has helped raise the profile of women in motorcycle sport in not only Victoria but is reaching around Australia with NSW having a Girls Only Track Day of their own at Marulan Driver Training Centre (MDTC). Tracey ***8220;Track***8221; Davies part of the VIC GOTD team will be heading up to assist the ladies with their first day.

    The NSW GOTD is set for Friday, September 28, the week follow the Victorian Day. MDTC is an excellent facility and the owners are great advocates for women in motor sports.

    The ladies attending will have a fantastic time!

    For ladies attending on the day:

    Credit Card and EFT facilities will not be available on the day so please bring cash, cheque or money order if you are intending to pay on the day.

    For those who will be out on their bike and want to have a go swinging there is no additional price to the entry fee.

    Full leathers (either a one piece or 2 piece suit) that zip together are a must.

    Rider Entry Fee $80 (inclusive of MA rider levy)

    Swinging Only $40 (inclusive of MA rider levy)

    One Day Licence $20 or MV Annual Recreational Licence that cost $85.50*

    Lunch (Optional) $10

    *For those who attend 4 or more practice/club days per year you may be interested in a MV Annual Recreational licence.

    A Recreation Licence entitles you to participate in any recreational (i.e. club ride day, practice day etc.) event permitted by Motorcycling Australia or Motorcycling Victoria.

    You will be able to enter on the day at Broadford***8217;s State Motorcycling Sports Complex.

    Sign-on starts at 8am. For Registration & Enquiries please contact Peta Thomas at Motorcycling Victoria on (03) 9673 0616 or email: participation[MENTION=36404]Motor[/MENTION]cyclingvic.com.au
  9. Id go Bernie...................guy is knowledgeable and pretty down to earth/funny. Class sizes is also pretty small so more one on one tutorial time.
  10. Hallo Jimmy,
    Dirtbikes have lots of fun but it was not always safe.8-[
    She just wants to have safe ride so i will suggest you DirtBike School is a fun, one-day, hands-on training session available.At approved training sites, MSF certified DBS Coaches will teach you basic riding skills and responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness.

    Best of Luck:angel: