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Which take away food outlet gets your money?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Banana Fred, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. McDonalds / McCafe

  2. Hungry Jacks

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  3. Red Rooster

    0 vote(s)
  4. KFC

    0 vote(s)
  5. Nandos

    0 vote(s)
  6. Pizza Hut

    0 vote(s)
  7. Dominos

    0 vote(s)
  8. Fish & Chips

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  9. Subway

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  10. Noodle Box / Noodle Bar

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  1. Just going on from the other thread of which type of fast food was preferred and I thought I'd expand the selection somewhat so we could get an idea of what people choose.
    I've listed the more well known take away choices that we're all familiar with.

    So which would get your money over all the others?
  2. None of the above?
  3. Im getting robbed by subway at the moment.
  4. My local pizza shop.every friday
  5. i allow myself fish and chips once on the weekend
    rest of the time, home cooked meals for dinner and whatever seems reasonable for lunch whilst at work
    usually works out to be something asian - usually curry
  6. Since I cook for the Fiance and myself virtually every night of the week, we do like to go out for some takeaway, well use too untill she was diagnosed with Coeliacs which virtually rule's out any take away :(

    but for myself, I would vote for 2.

    Subway gets me more than Hungry Jacks, but I love Hungry Jacks woppers with Cheese :wink:
  7. Very mood dependent - over a few months they'd probably all get some custom, but none all that reliably or regularly.
  8. A döner kebab with Turkish bread.
  9. yep ! standard order . . .

    Foot long Meatball on Italian herb and cheese.
    Lightly grilled
    Mozzerella cheese
    NO ! salt or pepper
    extra meatball sauce. :grin:

    If i'm really hungry, its two macadamia cookies ! :p
  10. No no no! There can be only one way...

    Foot long meatball on wheat
    tasty cheese
    a little extra marinara sauce
    a wee bit of pepper on the tomatos.

    That's the only way dammit! [​IMG]
    /slaps table in emphasis!

  11. Nup, ya both wrong!

    Italian Foot Long
    Roast Chicken
    Old English Cheese
    Salt and Pepper
    SouthWest Sauce

    NOM NOM NOM (Online Gaming Talk for: Yum Yum Yum)
  12. Negative Memphis - this is a very serious meatball sub point of view.
    Take thy fowl sub away!
  13. I work at a Subway, so the thought of eating it makes me sick, but if I am in the mood this is what I get:
    6 inch Honey Oat
    Old English
    All salads bar olives
    Sweet Chilli and Mayo
    No salt of pepper.

    I should add that I'm always shocked at the number of people that believe that because it's Subway it's healthy. Oily bacon and processed meats are unhealthy anywhere you go!
  14. Burger King!

    Your "Hungry Jacks" is a poor imitation of BK hehe Where is the double bacon bbq cheeseburger? and the no.5 chicken... sigh
  15. I voted for Subway because I'll stop in occasionally when I'm busy. But I'll always try to find a decent cafe or deli first and Subway is a last resort. As for the others on the list, I'd rather go hungry!

  16. Noodles all the way!

    Rice Stick

    Indian Style

    Pork / Chicken

    Mmmmmm... well, I think I just figured out what to have for dinner.
  17. What a travesty! Where is Oporto??
  18. And Chinese???

    Curried prawns and special fried rice.
  19. Sorry but that is the maximum number of poll options allowed. I tried to add more but it wouldn't allow them.
  20. Nando's is the bomb. Either half or a quarter chicken with their hot sauce.